Sunday, September 27, 2009

Raya Mood again!

As I said, there's alot of September babies out there. Once again, Happy Birthday Ayin & Shanti.

The next day another Shanti's 21st private birthday party @ Tower Regency Hotel. All must dress in black or white. Cool.

I might looked sad or unhappy when I'm sitting alone at a corner, but actually I'm not. I'm just anti-social, that's all. HAHAHAHAHA Someone said I have to learn something from him! -___-"

Eddy *dressed like a school boy, but NICE* xx Queen

Affan xx Vivian xx Queen

Oh gosh, I'm sorry for not remembering your name girls.

Suyin *super high* xx Shanti xx Queen

I called them ' MAFIA ' Vino xx Eddy xx Colin

The Mafia!

The next day is Eddy's open house , raya celebration + new penthouse. Very nice and comfortable one. Love the big mirror in front of the kitchen. Once again, Happy Raya!

Irwan xx Aunty Amy xx Eddy xx Queen

Saw??? I mean the food okay! YUMMY-LICIOUS!!!

Eddy xx Sherlyn xx Shanti xx Vino xx Ayin xx Colin xx Julie

Head to Old Michaelians Reunion @ The Red Crescent. Gobbled half of the dishes and rush back home for another night out @ Rum Jungle. Okay, this club is totally dead! It's Saturday man, and there's only few peepos. Some of them dancing to themselves like there's no tomorrow. LOL

This is what they'll do usually when they're bored. HAHAHAHA

The last picture of the night and also the sem break!
Eddy xx Queen
That's all for the raya celebration, no more holidays. Everyone back to college, work. Saddest part, I know.

Time Machine

Can anyone tell me where to get time machine? I want to turn back time!

Four months is that really that fast? I want to turn back time!

Can screw studies? I want to turn back time!

Seriously, if only I could turn back time to 4 months back and stopped at the happy moment!

Okay, this post is kind of lame, I know. Just want to express my feelings, how much I gonna miss you and everything!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Raya Mood

First of all, I would like to wish all my Muslim friends, Selamat Hari Raya and to all my non Muslim friends, Happy Holiday, have a safe journey back home.

Even tho I'm not celebrating, but I'm kinda excited. I know I know, its just another reason for partaaay! Eh come on, is holiday!

I always wanted to try on Kebaya style of baju melayu with lace materials. hmmm I wonder how I would look like... One day one day


Now I realised there's alot of september babies out there. Since I was toooooo tired on my birthday night, so the girls force me to go out for the next day. Okay okay, not force, invited! AHAHAHAAAHAHA

Went to Friends Cafe for dinner, had the garlic mussels. yummmmm

mmmhhhmmmmm isn't it yummy???

Sukie xx Queen * thanks for the maxi dress baby! *

Cheron xx Queen *perfect*

Michelle xx Queen

Believe it or not, I didn't drink a sip of alcohol that night. Yea, hard to believe cause mostly I'll be downing like keling *laughoutloud* but yea, it's true! *wink*


The next day was my Michellebabe's big day! Celebrate @ Houz. Not kinda my type cause the place played trance and house music more than rnb and hiphop. Oh well, since my babe big day, so f*** it! LOL

Michelle * the birthday girl *

Cheron xx Queen * owwhh we're in floral mood as well * hahahaha

Sukie xx Queen

Happy birthday my girl! Wish you all the best and luck! Love u!

Hopped to Barroom for the sake of rnb and my sex on the beach! That's all for the night and dumdum is back!! Can't wait to ride on his AGX!! heheheheehe

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Another Year of Birthday!

Oh dear, another year, I'm old. *laugh* Nothing much to say here, but dozens of thank you my babehs, dumdum and the guys. Love u guys.

Went to KL with Cheronbabe and Mookies to meet up with others. Restless night cause the moody month hit me! OUCH!

Queen xx Cheronbabe *Mookies said we look alike, are we??*

Reached KL around noon and terrible traffic jam hit all the way to Pavilion mall. Had lunch @ Dragon-I , the 'siu long pau' - mini dumpling is the best in town and some hot dried chili chicken is the bomb! Was too hungry to take picture.

After lunch, straight away SPLURGE SPLURGE SPLURGE and meet up with Ruby and Jackie. Bought some nice tops and heels. Not much time for me cause we're rushing for my birthday dinner @ Work In Progress, Bangsar.

The Body Shop launching their new fragrance with orchid sense. Love purple color!

Rush back to Ken3, Damansara to get ready for my dinner. Uurrgghh Hate rushing here and there, makes everything imperfect!

Jackie xx Cheron xx Queen xx Ruby @ Work In Progress, Bangsar. Very nice fine dining place and the best part, they got a DJ to play some nice sentimental songs!

Cheron with her white wine.

Queen the birthday girl!

Jackie's Salmon Steak

Ruby and Cheron's Aglio e Olio with Cod Fish

My Lamb Shanks with garlic sauce - yummmm

On the way back to Ruby's crib, suddenly the girls shouted, surprised!! They bought me a lil pressie which I'm not gonna tell what it is. *grins*

Pressie with a small card. Love u girls.

Queen xx Jackie *muuaaxxx*

Head to Phuture for the after party.

Jackie xx Queen @ the girl's room! hahaha

Love the lighting !

I love my girls!

Thanks for everything my baby and Victor for such a great night!

What a small world, bump into Joshua and I was like OMG!

Thanks to the DJ who announce my birthday for xx times!

Everyone is high on alcohol, especially Jackie!! *laughoutloud* " I still remembered what you told me, Jackie! "

Supposed to meet up with my lover, Amanda for lunch but I'm so stuck in someone's house! I'm so so so sorry. *mwaah*

Later night, went to Rain Forest, Sunway. Nothing much to say bout this club, similar to RumJungle Ipoh.

Queen xx Shanti xx Julie

Eddy xx Vino xx Colin * thanks for everything guys*

Eddy xx Queen

Colin tried to pose like a professional model!

Next day, rest the whole day at home and dinner @ Victoria Station. Sadly to say their standard went down but still I enjoyed every moment there.

Chilled wine. I love wine =)

Cheese baked oysters. hmmmm I still prefer mussels!

Our Nigel Barker is sooo funny! HAHAHAHA Trying to be professional but failed!

Went to Social, Changkat BB for some cocktails. Night ended with lots of joy. Once again thanks for everything!

Back to Ipoh the next day.

Eddy's new Honda City. Isn't it a beauty? hehehe

The Ugly Truth is a must to watch! So funny yet romantic. Laughing non-stop like a mad woman. LOL

So comfortable riding in new car.

The owner is sooo hyper!

Love the guys!

Queen xx Andrea
Eddy xx Queen

I know I'm truly blessed! Thanks for all the wishes and the night...Even tho is simple, but I'm so thankful that I have such nice peoples around me and including you my dear..... Once again, thanks for everything! ♥ ♥ ♥