Monday, April 13, 2009

Mumbling =D

Yesterday had a good night sleep after crying ( I was talking bout the episodes of GW, okay!! HAHAHAA ) I'm not a cry baby but the stories was too touching. I'll still cry even if I watch it over and over again. LOVE IT!!!

Woke up this morning, made myself oatmeal with dried cranberries and mini tuna pizza for breakfast!! YUMMMM!!! Sorry guys, I was too hungry to take pictures. LOL ohh, I forgot bout the marmite soup!! sluurrppsss!!

Went to work as usual but today's a bit different, cause I'm working alone!! hmmm...Not that bad. =)

Was thinking about lunch now!! hmm.... Anyone free to buy me lunch??? ^^

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Sorry but I'm not complaining. I just hate being alone. After work, HOME ALONE! *tears* I'm a person that very emotional, sorry. My tears non-stop falling down my cheeks. *tissueplease* =( I'm not manja-ing here, but we do have some emo-times, right?

I miss everyone, especially my beloved-mummy-daddy. Have a safe journey and happy holiday.

Thanks to t3m4\+4p!me5r4 for the weekend, miss u. Good Luck in what you're doing. =)

Okay, time to feed the BIG TUMMY!! I eat alot, that's why I named it BIG T!! *gaaahhh*

Will continue my Ghost Whisperer s.2 since I'm home alone!! *wipingoffmytears*

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Totally a failure, should buy big wavy curl. At least I give it a try, okay. HAHAHAHA... Well, will try a better one next time. lol

Went out with Michellebabe and the gang last night at Olivenz. Surprised everyone with my new-failure-hair-style. *laughoutloud* Surprisingly, they said looked sexy, butttt I don't think soooooo. End up, I tied my hair up. Not really used to it. *smile* Longer the better, I think.

p/s = SakaiBelle is SICK!! Get well soon ya... miss ya...

Friday, April 3, 2009

random dayyyy

Went to work as usual. Done some shopping for salon needs. And end up trying on this maxi dress. Nice??? hmmm....

Currently craving for fresh oysters, even tho I haven't try before. HHAHAHAHA... But I would like to try someday as SOMEONE promised to try with me *youknowwhoyouare* LOL High cholesterol?? hmmm NOPE!! Good for skin perhaps. HAHAHAHAHA

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


OH MY GOD!!!! Queenie is officially fooled by Vinobha Anthony Doss last night at 1.51 am. HAHAHAHAHAHAa.... I totally forgot about April Fool till he called. Cause he seldom call, so I thought something serious. ARRRRGGGHH!!!! I won't tell you guys what's the conversation about cause I found myself so stupid believing in him!!! HAHAHAHAHA... but it was a good night, seriously. I know I made yours too, Vino. *smile* and I'm the only person he got fooled!! daaayyymmm!!!


Happy April Fool Everyone!! *wink*

p/s : Today is VIVA for Sakaibelle, I know that she is very nervous about it, and I want to wish her ALL THE BEST!!! Support you no matter what. *muuaxx*