Monday, December 28, 2009

HO ♥ HO ♥ HO ♥

Still on holiday mood after Christmas. Non-stop party people.

Went out a drink with Ruby on Saturday before she leave on Sunday. Had heart-to-heart talk bout the past and present. Alot advises from her and we all know is for the best. At the same time, WE hope that one of our babes really can let go everything as soon as possible and stand up for yourself as well. Please stop hurting yourself like this, is not worth it at all. *youknowwhoyouare*

Ruby ♥ Queen

Queen ♥ Cheron
Drop by to see us awhile, how sweet =)

Calvin ♥ Queen
It's been a while since we met each other, Calvin is a busy man !! hahahahaa Oh well, business business.


Once again, congratulation to LOU HO, the winner of Yang di-Pertua Penang Gold Cup, horse racing. Go Raul, the horse, even tho he's 10 years old.

To those can't make it, try your best in the next race. Cheers *smile*

As usual after a long weekend, drinking session is a must for THEM, the jockeys! *laughoutloud*

Michael, Kelvin, Vincent, Queen, Jason & Joanne

Queen ♥ Michael aka Big Bro

Queen ♥ Joanne

Queen xx Vincent aka Vicky's hubby



Can't wait for tomorrow Penang one day trip *wink*

Saturday, December 26, 2009

M♥rry Christm♥s

Merry Christmas to everyone. Hope you guys had a great christmas ♥

I'm not celebrating christmas cause I'm a buddhist. But oh well, there's just another reason for party. *evillaugh*

On the eve, head out to east for steamboat, then Barroom and Club9. The road is FULL of cars and peoples walking around with santa hats in sizes. Seriously, from mini to HUGE one.

Once till midnight, everyone shout 'Merry Christmas' and at the same time, they spray that stupid thing at you and its totally turned off. Hair is all messed with the spray thingy. *HATE IT*

Queen ♥ Sukie

Queen ♥ Joanne

Queen ♥ Eddy


Queen ♥ Colin


The next day, holiday of course. Slept like a baby till noon, totally forgot about Vino's open house. I'm here to apologizes.

Since my babes Ruby ♥ Jackie are back from KL, another night out with em' but without alcohol! Is time to slow down already *laughoutloud*

Went to FriendsCafe, as usual, our spot. Non-stop chatting and laughing. Had a great night with them ♥

Queen ♥ Jackie ♥ Ruby

Queen ♥ Jackie

Queen ♥ Ruby

Can't wait for tonight outing with my babes again! *wink*

Ladiessss ♥

Another night out with my babes ♥

Too much drama the night before and something are better left unsaid. *youknowiknow*

But after all I had so much fun with the new gang and of course same goes to OLD one! *wink*

Queen ♥ Cheron @ Beeeee

Vincent xx Queen

Queen xx Vino

Queen xx Eddy

Joanne ♥ Queen


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Winter Solstice Festival

This festival is one of the most important festivals celebrated by the Chinese and is more important than Chinese New Year. They called it " Goh Tung ".

Mostly families eat pink and white tongyuen, symbolizing family unity and prosperity. But this year, there's no unity in my family. Brother and sister not at home, only dad, mum and me. But at least there's still a small celebration.

I still remembered when I was young, I used to help my mum to cook tongyuen. Lots of skill needed to make the tongyuen soft and nice. Usually my mum will only make 3 colours, pink, green and orange. The combination is very nice once its cooked with the sugar pandan syrup.

Everyone wish to have a happy family, so do I. I'm here to wish my parents, brother, sister and grandma stay healthy. *smile*


So, what I've been up to lately?? Nothing much but just same routine. Work, home and drinking. *laughingoutloud*

I'm so looking forward on my holidays, so I can shop till I drop!

As usual, after work, hanging out with my babes. Where?? hmmm I guess no need to mention already. LOL

Queen xx Cheron aka Beeeeee

Queen xx Joanne

Lush Bar opening, nothing much to say... dotdotdot
Joanne xx Queen

♥ My babes ♥
Cheron ♥ Queen ♥ Michelle ♥ Sukie

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hardest Thing

We both know that I shouldn't be here
This is wrongAnd, baby, it's killing me, it's killing you
Both of us tryin' to be strong
I've got somewhere else to be
Promises to keep
And someone else who loves me
And trusts me fast asleepI've made up my mind
There is no turning back
She's been good to me
And she deserves better than that

It's the hardest thing I'll ever have to do
To look you in the eye and tell you I don't love you
It's the hardest thing I'll ever have to lie
To show no emotion when you start to cry
I can't let you see what you mean to me'
Cause my hands are tied and my heart's not free
We're not meant to be
It's the hardest thing I'll ever have to do
To turn around and walk away
Pretending I don't love you

know that we'll meet again
Fate has a place and timeSo you can get on with your life
I've got to be cruel to be kindLike Dr. Zhivago
All my love I'll be sendingAnd you will never know
'Cause there can be no happy ending

Maybe another time, another day

As much as I want to, I can't stay
I've made up my mind
There is no turning back
She's been good to me
And she deserves better than that

Sunday, December 6, 2009

I ♥ you

Was chatting with Kelvin, told him bout my family. I'm lucky to have such parents in my life. They love me to the top, gave me best advised, support me whenever I need em' and the most important is their love and care.

The first day I was born into this world, my mum taught me all the morals of how to walk in my life. Support me in many ways until today. I might be a lil naughty when I was young, but I never meant to hurt you. Love you, Mum.

Dad always pampered me with food. He can cook yummylicious food that you can ever imagine. Best dad ever. I remember when I was young, he used to give his finger for me to bite before I go to school. HAHAHAHA I don't know why, but yea. Love you, Dad.

HAHAHAHA I was 4 years old in this picture. I look the same right???

Friday, December 4, 2009



I feel so dotdotdot *idunnohowtodescribemyfeelingsrightnow* but I'm happy. Does that sound crazy? hmmmm I wanna shout I MISS YOU. I don't wanna be another victim but I got feelings, how? God please help me.

Everytime I close my eyes, I thank the Lord that I've got you. But is it really you? Gosh, I sound so confused. Have to make up my mind soon, don't wanna hurt myself but............................. Please tell me what should I do *sigh* I'm lost.

Thanks for being there for me when I need you, my babyCheron.