Thursday, June 24, 2010

Last Day

I've been working in this company for 4 years and tomorrow is my last day. Decided to move forward to another level so that I can improve myself.

I have total 6 colleagues, Debie, Slena, Suki, Jenny, Candy, KitLai and manager, Khor Wee Yee. We divided into 2 groups, Ipoh 1 and Ipoh 2. Trust me or not, there's no argument at all. Cause we taught by our manager that tolerate and cooperate is very important to build up a strong group.

I wanted to say millions of Thank You to Debie and Jenny. They gave alot advise especially on treatments and products.

I still remember the very first time I travel to Sabah for about 1 month just to help those students before exams. Debie gave me a small red packet. Not about the money but is the wishes that wrote inside the red packet. She asked me to keep inside my wallet, so that it will keep me safe. So sweet of her right?? I know *wateryeyes*

Jenny is the one that I will miss the most cause she's the one always stand by me. She's like my sister. We talk about everything, work, personal, sad or happy. She always remind me something cause I'm a forgetful person. Even now, she still remind me, " Have you buy your new shoe yet? Remember buy your hair clip for the bun. Remember to call for more info. What should you do in the new company and etc " .

Was wondering will I have such good colleagues in the new company? I hope so.

So, once again Thank You. Take care all my beloved colleagues. Keep in touch. Love you guys ♥

Candy ♥ Debie ♥ Slena ♥ Suki ♥ Jenny ♥ KitLai ♥ Queen

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Officially Missing You

It's been quite sometimes since I see you but the feeling is still fresh in mind. No more sadness but this strange feeling came on and off when it comes to certain things that reminds me of you.

You might not the sweetest thing but to me, you're just amazing. I miss the way you called me and I remember every words you have told me *smiling to myself*

I already escaped from the heartache. Sometimes I wish that you would call me, so that I could get through you somehow. But you always made my day when I received your message.

Yea, I'm offcicially missing you. There's nothing wrong to miss someone, especially the one you care the most. So you guys out there, remember to treasure your loves one. Once you found it, grab it hard and don't let go.


The thoughts of leaving hometown is terrible. Eventho it's just a month but for me it's like *sigh* I wish someone could understand how I feel and listen to me. I know someone will be there for me whenever I need someone. Special thanks to you. And ofcourse my Beeeeee and Jojo too.

Hmmmmm time to bed. Goodnight loves. Tomorrow will be a better for ALL of us .

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Are you a STALKER or something???

*clearing throat*

Well, Miss C, seriously I don't know how you know about me, my facebook and my blog, it doesn't matter for me tho but please DO NOT MAKE UP STORIES. I didn't talk to you about anything or anyone. What do YOU mean by I got hurt deeply??? Is that your problem? No, right??? So mind your own business.

I might fierce *call it whatever YOU want*, if I don't know that person, so don't blame me cause you're the one who start it first. I'm nice to those who're nice to me ONLY. I kept quiet doesn't mean I'm nice, okay??

Come on girl, grow up please. If you believe that degrading people can makes you more clever, I'm here to tell you, YOU'RE A DUMB BLONDE!

If YOU want to know anything bout me, come to me. Don't do things behind like a thief and disturb my friends. Thank You.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Friend or Lover?

Never say hard to love. Never say can't to love. Never say not yet to love. If is really not yet, then shouldn't start at the first place. Am I right? Well, all this things I've already gone thru and remain as friend is the way should be. It may be very hard at first, but after quite some times, all will be back to normal.


Hello new world!! It's time to upgrade myself. Decided to step out from where I've stand for 4 years. Thanks to my family and lovely friends for support. Hope I can handle it well. Wish me luck peeps.

♥ The Mangsats ♥

Monday, April 26, 2010

Give me some space to scream, Thanks.

Can I scream out loud? Allow me please. AAAaaRRRrrrrrrrGGggggghhhhhHHhhhhh!!!!!!! Thanks a lot. Feeling so much better now.

I really don't understand what is the game of love. They said love is very simple but I found it hard as rock. No matter how hard I've tried, there's always disappointment. Friends around support and advised but still .......... *stubborn*

WHY?? Because I believe in miracle and faith. Love is about trust, honest, fair, give and take. Why some people just can't do it? Not ready yet? *bullshit*

I hate to say goodbye but I think I have to, cause lightning don't strike the same place twice. True love is a gift but you just let it drift in a storm.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Should I wait??

Hmmmmm It's been awhile since I update my blog. Kinda lazy these days but no worries, I'm alright *smile*

Guess what? Once again, I'm on the road with TWO directions. Which way should I go? Or should I wait? From the bottom of my heart, yes, I would like to wait but is it worth it? All this while I'm trying my best to be the best, but still, no one's prefect.

Tried to move on, and once I already moved on, something holds me back. Been struggling myself. Guess I have to click the 'DELETE' button before its too late. So long.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Together as ONE!

First of all, I would like to say, " Congratulation to Vicky and Vincent ". Finally they're married and together as ONE. I'm happy for them and I can see happiness from them. They made me believe that in this world, there's still true love. No matter how long you know each other, IF we're meant together, there's nothing can tear us apart. Stay strong for now and till the end.

This happened on 03.03.2010, Vicky's birthday and also their ROM. How sweet.

We celebrated at Oval @ De Garden. A new place to hang out, at least a silent's one. If you know what I mean. *smile*

Girl Power
Cheron ♥ Vicky ♥ Joanne ♥ Queen ♥ Giz

Birthday girl making a wish. What will it be?? hmmm

Vincent ♥ Vicky

The night ended with happiness. Okay, I admit that I'm drunk and knocked out! hahahahahaha Well, I'm too happy for them, that's why. *run and hide*


The next day was their ROM. Woke up early even tho I'm drunk but still I can manage. *professional drinker*

First time attended ROM, feel so warm when you entered the hall. Happiness and love all around and that moment I was thinking, when is my turn. Long way to go.

Camwhoring with the engagement's flower.

Vicky ♥ Vincent

Happy Ending

Friday, March 12, 2010

Chap Goh Mei @ Chinese Valentine's

The last day of CNY is called Chap Goh Mei @ Chinese Valentine's. There's a tradition, that single ladies, you're welcome to this Guan Yin Temple to throw mandrin oranges into the river and single men can take the mandrin oranges. *laughing out loud*

Why do single men need to take the mandrin oranges? Cause the oranges is stated the girl's name and telephone number, so when the guy took the oranges, they can contact each other.

Oh well, me and my friends different, we stated our FACEBOOK email address. HAHAHAHAA

I didn't know that this place is so happening cause this is the very first time. Okay, I know I'm a bit lame but yea, good experience tho. Never try never know *smile*

This one called throw oranges up to the wishing tree. Guess what?? I'm so lucky, mine got up to the wishing tree, means my wish will come true one day.

Cheron ♥ Queen

This is the wishing tree I mentioned. Saw my mandrin orange?? LOL
Vincent ♥ Queen

Is it cute?? HAHAHA Yes, this is the mandrin oranges I throw into the river.

Queen ♥ Vincent

Trying my luck!!

You see how's the guys hungry for gals?? HAHAHAHAHAHA They're choosing.
Guess what?? Out of thousands of oranges, one of the guy got MINE!! YES, MINE!!
I was so shocked when he messaged me on facebook said "I got your orange at Guan Yin Temple"
GOsshhhhh This is what we called FAITH...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I wanna shout out loud, I can't take it anymore!!!!!! I don't know what I did wrong, and you have to treat me like this? Is it too good is a bad thing?? I tried all my best to be the best, but still no one appreciate me and is included YOU. WHY?

No one encourage but still I believe in you. Why you have to do this to me and yourself? Do you know everyone is very disappointed on you?

I might be very strong on the outside, but actually I'm very weak. I have to be strong and tough. Life is never easy, but at least please be good to yourself. Don't make yourself like this.

I tried to change you, but I failed. No matter what, I'll stand by your side.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Feel the L♥ve

Bridal shop hopping with my Cheron due to some reason *evil eyes* My very first time step in bridal shop and trying on wedding gowns. The minute you walked in, automatically you'll feel the love, warm and happiness around you. Looking at people's wedding pictures, you can feel their love as well. Imagination start wondering in your mind. How nice if this and that.

To be honest, that minute I was like, gosshhh I wanna get married too *imagining*

There's a picture that caught my eyes. The bride was sitting on a horse and the bridegroom standing next to the horse at beach side. Its black and white, the picture was so beautiful till I can even smile at myself. *thinking*

Next, you walked in the gown's room. OMGOSHHH the room fulled with thousands of gowns. Day, night, oriental, you named it, they got it.

You guys know what's my type? Oriental, of course.


The 1st cheongsam was traditional yet sexy. Love the combination of the colours and also the details of the back.

Front *lovely*

Back * all by handmade *

The 2nd cheongsam was ooh la la. Fit me so well, that I didn't wanna take it off.

Back *sexy*

Front * classy *

The 3rd cheongsam, this one very comfortable and suits my skin tone. Can show all my curves. Love the big ribbon on my shoulder.

Picture tells all.

The 4th gown, combination of oriental and modern. Not really my type, but oh well, I just love to try on.

How was it??

Still got lots more. Will bridal hopping again this weekend. hehehehe

I'm here to say that I'm not getting married, don't misunderstand ya!!

Goodbye MooMoo ♥ Hello ROAAARRRRR!!!

Been waiting for weeks, finally he's back, welcome home dear. Even tho didn't spend much time together but I'm happy that you're back home. So near yet so far. I know you've been busy with your family, work and friends but do spare some quality time for me once you're free. I didn't ask for more, just that sometimes I really need you by my side, especially when I'm down. Hope everything back to normal. I'm still waiting dear, as always.


Shout out loud, Hello Tiger Year!!! Hope everything will be smooth this year. I'm here to wish everyone, Happy Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Chai.

Everyone is back in Ipoh from all over places and that's the best time for gathering. And also the best time to gain weight. OOoohhh talk about fats, I really need to stop gaining weight, I don't wanna a fatty is real! Oh no!

Without wasting much time, dinner, meeting up and gossiping started on the eve. And also another reason for party *wink*

**The night before eve**

Cheron @ Bee ♥ Queen *Do we look like twins??*

Queen ♥ Joanne

Michelle ♥ Queen *It's been a while since we met each other, still looking gorgeous!*


**CNY's eve**

Queen ♥ Nikki

Queen ♥ Cindy *My ex-student, yeaa, I'm a tutor before therapist*

Queen ♥ Karen


**First day of CNY @ Valentine's day**

Well, you guys must be curious why my shorty is not with me. He have to work on that day and not around in Ipoh. But for me, everyday is valentine when I'm with him *smile*

Queen ♥ Jackie ♥ Ruby ♥ Sukie

Queen ♥ Sukie


**Second day of CNY**

Reunion dinner with my babes at YumYum Restaurant and the after party at Club9. Spend most quality times together. Even tho we might not meet each other often but our friendship is still as strong as yesterday.

Queen ♥ Ruby

Queen ♥ Sukie ♥ Ruby ♥ Christable ♥ EeLing ♥ Canney

Sukie ♥ Queen

Tiger Year - Sukie ♥ EeLing ♥ Ruby ♥ Christable ♥ Jackie

Bee ♥ Queen *love you most*

Christable ♥ Jackie ♥ Queen
Queen ♥ Jackie
Queen ♥ Diana *My shorty's sis, isn't she gorgeous???*

Queen ♥ Karen

Christable ♥ Ruby ♥ Jackie ♥ Winnie ♥ WinSien ♥ Queen

That's all for now, more updates once I'm free. As usual, IMY ♥

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wait wait and wait

Goosshhh time passes very slow without you around me. I've been thinking alot lately. Too much things on mind but after what you had told me that day, all the things ZAPPED gone. *smiling* Guess I still have to wait FOUR more bloody days. Uuurrgghhh I'll be waiting.


Shout Out!

For those who dislike anyone or anything in my blog, you can always leave. Please do not interrupt here and I'll appreciate that. Thank you.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Off Day

The first off day for February and then will be EIGHT days holiday for Chinese New Year. Can't wait. *smiling*

The night before was moody for me. As in my previous post, my shorty is rushing to KL and therefore Giz asked me and Joanne to go to her house for a drink and girlie sessions. Not so girlie after all, cause Lou is joining us as well and ofcourse her beloved children, Bradley and Hailey. Oh trust me, Bradley is super hyper but oh well, is just a kid.

Queen xx Bradley * He was actually washing my hair , isn't he cute??? *

Love the sessions with Giz's family, non-stop laughing when Lou told us about my shorty. He such a sweetheart, sometimes. Oh I mean my shorty. *laughingoutloud*


The next day, FohSan's dimsum for breakfast with Vincent and Joanne. We ordered as much as we can, cause its been awhile we craving for dimsum. That was an awesome breakfast but ofcourse if my shorty here, it would be perfect *wink*

This is only HALF of the list! We were too buzy downing the food.


Later night was my company dinner for CNY. This year we had dinner at Public Seafood Restaurant. The food was yummylicious, as usual, was too hungry to take any picture.

KitLai x Suki x Slena x WeeYee *the big momma* x Debie x Queen x Jenny x Candy

Ipoh 1 and Ipoh 2 = Best team !

Days without you is really suffering. Your voice telling me that you are very tired and need good rest. Don't worry, I'll take care myself and promise me that you will be doing fine there. The most important is ride safe and home soon, love.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Missing YOU

Last night was unpredictable. Everyone thought you were back home but actually you're not! Fall asleep in the car like a baby, when you woke up only realised that your car broke down. Everyone was sleeping but I told you, I'm always here when you need me. No doubt. ILY ♥


Supposed to meet you tonight but too bad you have to rush to KL for tomorrow track work. That was a heart attack news for me. Cause I've been waiting the whole day for tonight. Sometimes shit happened and we have to accept it no matter what.

You're leaving for TWO weeks. Goshhh how hard it is for me to missing you in this TWO weeks?? *sobbing* Need your hugs right now, so badly.

All I have to do is to support you and I know you will be back for me in no time. ILY, my Shorty! ♥

Friday, January 29, 2010

Random Outing

People come and go in our life to fulfill happiness or sadness. Never regret for what you've done but learn the mistake from it. There's always a story behind every incident. Take it or leave it with no complaining. *smile*


Another random outing with the gang. Nothing special, as I said, the moment with you is the warmest place in my heart.

Houz ladies night - Joanne xx Queen


Vicky, one of my new girl friend, is leaving to City of Entertainment, Genting Highland for a better job. So we decided to have a small farewell party for her. Oh by the way, she's a good singer.

Giz xx Queen - Thanks for everything babe

Giz xx Queen xx Joanne xx Vicky
Take good care and we will see you soon xoxo

Alex xx Lou xx ThaiYang xx Vincent
The Chipmunk is back in town


People might judge our relationship, but I have faith in you and hope you can prove to me that I'm right with my decisions. ILY ♥

Shorty ♥ Fatty