Thursday, June 24, 2010

Last Day

I've been working in this company for 4 years and tomorrow is my last day. Decided to move forward to another level so that I can improve myself.

I have total 6 colleagues, Debie, Slena, Suki, Jenny, Candy, KitLai and manager, Khor Wee Yee. We divided into 2 groups, Ipoh 1 and Ipoh 2. Trust me or not, there's no argument at all. Cause we taught by our manager that tolerate and cooperate is very important to build up a strong group.

I wanted to say millions of Thank You to Debie and Jenny. They gave alot advise especially on treatments and products.

I still remember the very first time I travel to Sabah for about 1 month just to help those students before exams. Debie gave me a small red packet. Not about the money but is the wishes that wrote inside the red packet. She asked me to keep inside my wallet, so that it will keep me safe. So sweet of her right?? I know *wateryeyes*

Jenny is the one that I will miss the most cause she's the one always stand by me. She's like my sister. We talk about everything, work, personal, sad or happy. She always remind me something cause I'm a forgetful person. Even now, she still remind me, " Have you buy your new shoe yet? Remember buy your hair clip for the bun. Remember to call for more info. What should you do in the new company and etc " .

Was wondering will I have such good colleagues in the new company? I hope so.

So, once again Thank You. Take care all my beloved colleagues. Keep in touch. Love you guys ♥

Candy ♥ Debie ♥ Slena ♥ Suki ♥ Jenny ♥ KitLai ♥ Queen

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Officially Missing You

It's been quite sometimes since I see you but the feeling is still fresh in mind. No more sadness but this strange feeling came on and off when it comes to certain things that reminds me of you.

You might not the sweetest thing but to me, you're just amazing. I miss the way you called me and I remember every words you have told me *smiling to myself*

I already escaped from the heartache. Sometimes I wish that you would call me, so that I could get through you somehow. But you always made my day when I received your message.

Yea, I'm offcicially missing you. There's nothing wrong to miss someone, especially the one you care the most. So you guys out there, remember to treasure your loves one. Once you found it, grab it hard and don't let go.


The thoughts of leaving hometown is terrible. Eventho it's just a month but for me it's like *sigh* I wish someone could understand how I feel and listen to me. I know someone will be there for me whenever I need someone. Special thanks to you. And ofcourse my Beeeeee and Jojo too.

Hmmmmm time to bed. Goodnight loves. Tomorrow will be a better for ALL of us .

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Are you a STALKER or something???

*clearing throat*

Well, Miss C, seriously I don't know how you know about me, my facebook and my blog, it doesn't matter for me tho but please DO NOT MAKE UP STORIES. I didn't talk to you about anything or anyone. What do YOU mean by I got hurt deeply??? Is that your problem? No, right??? So mind your own business.

I might fierce *call it whatever YOU want*, if I don't know that person, so don't blame me cause you're the one who start it first. I'm nice to those who're nice to me ONLY. I kept quiet doesn't mean I'm nice, okay??

Come on girl, grow up please. If you believe that degrading people can makes you more clever, I'm here to tell you, YOU'RE A DUMB BLONDE!

If YOU want to know anything bout me, come to me. Don't do things behind like a thief and disturb my friends. Thank You.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Friend or Lover?

Never say hard to love. Never say can't to love. Never say not yet to love. If is really not yet, then shouldn't start at the first place. Am I right? Well, all this things I've already gone thru and remain as friend is the way should be. It may be very hard at first, but after quite some times, all will be back to normal.


Hello new world!! It's time to upgrade myself. Decided to step out from where I've stand for 4 years. Thanks to my family and lovely friends for support. Hope I can handle it well. Wish me luck peeps.

♥ The Mangsats ♥