Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Feel the L♥ve

Bridal shop hopping with my Cheron due to some reason *evil eyes* My very first time step in bridal shop and trying on wedding gowns. The minute you walked in, automatically you'll feel the love, warm and happiness around you. Looking at people's wedding pictures, you can feel their love as well. Imagination start wondering in your mind. How nice if this and that.

To be honest, that minute I was like, gosshhh I wanna get married too *imagining*

There's a picture that caught my eyes. The bride was sitting on a horse and the bridegroom standing next to the horse at beach side. Its black and white, the picture was so beautiful till I can even smile at myself. *thinking*

Next, you walked in the gown's room. OMGOSHHH the room fulled with thousands of gowns. Day, night, oriental, you named it, they got it.

You guys know what's my type? Oriental, of course.


The 1st cheongsam was traditional yet sexy. Love the combination of the colours and also the details of the back.

Front *lovely*

Back * all by handmade *

The 2nd cheongsam was ooh la la. Fit me so well, that I didn't wanna take it off.

Back *sexy*

Front * classy *

The 3rd cheongsam, this one very comfortable and suits my skin tone. Can show all my curves. Love the big ribbon on my shoulder.

Picture tells all.

The 4th gown, combination of oriental and modern. Not really my type, but oh well, I just love to try on.

How was it??

Still got lots more. Will bridal hopping again this weekend. hehehehe

I'm here to say that I'm not getting married, don't misunderstand ya!!

Goodbye MooMoo ♥ Hello ROAAARRRRR!!!

Been waiting for weeks, finally he's back, welcome home dear. Even tho didn't spend much time together but I'm happy that you're back home. So near yet so far. I know you've been busy with your family, work and friends but do spare some quality time for me once you're free. I didn't ask for more, just that sometimes I really need you by my side, especially when I'm down. Hope everything back to normal. I'm still waiting dear, as always.


Shout out loud, Hello Tiger Year!!! Hope everything will be smooth this year. I'm here to wish everyone, Happy Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Chai.

Everyone is back in Ipoh from all over places and that's the best time for gathering. And also the best time to gain weight. OOoohhh talk about fats, I really need to stop gaining weight, I don't wanna a fatty is real! Oh no!

Without wasting much time, dinner, meeting up and gossiping started on the eve. And also another reason for party *wink*

**The night before eve**

Cheron @ Bee ♥ Queen *Do we look like twins??*

Queen ♥ Joanne

Michelle ♥ Queen *It's been a while since we met each other, still looking gorgeous!*


**CNY's eve**

Queen ♥ Nikki

Queen ♥ Cindy *My ex-student, yeaa, I'm a tutor before therapist*

Queen ♥ Karen


**First day of CNY @ Valentine's day**

Well, you guys must be curious why my shorty is not with me. He have to work on that day and not around in Ipoh. But for me, everyday is valentine when I'm with him *smile*

Queen ♥ Jackie ♥ Ruby ♥ Sukie

Queen ♥ Sukie


**Second day of CNY**

Reunion dinner with my babes at YumYum Restaurant and the after party at Club9. Spend most quality times together. Even tho we might not meet each other often but our friendship is still as strong as yesterday.

Queen ♥ Ruby

Queen ♥ Sukie ♥ Ruby ♥ Christable ♥ EeLing ♥ Canney

Sukie ♥ Queen

Tiger Year - Sukie ♥ EeLing ♥ Ruby ♥ Christable ♥ Jackie

Bee ♥ Queen *love you most*

Christable ♥ Jackie ♥ Queen
Queen ♥ Jackie
Queen ♥ Diana *My shorty's sis, isn't she gorgeous???*

Queen ♥ Karen

Christable ♥ Ruby ♥ Jackie ♥ Winnie ♥ WinSien ♥ Queen

That's all for now, more updates once I'm free. As usual, IMY ♥

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wait wait and wait

Goosshhh time passes very slow without you around me. I've been thinking alot lately. Too much things on mind but after what you had told me that day, all the things ZAPPED gone. *smiling* Guess I still have to wait FOUR more bloody days. Uuurrgghhh I'll be waiting.


Shout Out!

For those who dislike anyone or anything in my blog, you can always leave. Please do not interrupt here and I'll appreciate that. Thank you.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Off Day

The first off day for February and then will be EIGHT days holiday for Chinese New Year. Can't wait. *smiling*

The night before was moody for me. As in my previous post, my shorty is rushing to KL and therefore Giz asked me and Joanne to go to her house for a drink and girlie sessions. Not so girlie after all, cause Lou is joining us as well and ofcourse her beloved children, Bradley and Hailey. Oh trust me, Bradley is super hyper but oh well, is just a kid.

Queen xx Bradley * He was actually washing my hair , isn't he cute??? *

Love the sessions with Giz's family, non-stop laughing when Lou told us about my shorty. He such a sweetheart, sometimes. Oh I mean my shorty. *laughingoutloud*


The next day, FohSan's dimsum for breakfast with Vincent and Joanne. We ordered as much as we can, cause its been awhile we craving for dimsum. That was an awesome breakfast but ofcourse if my shorty here, it would be perfect *wink*

This is only HALF of the list! We were too buzy downing the food.


Later night was my company dinner for CNY. This year we had dinner at Public Seafood Restaurant. The food was yummylicious, as usual, was too hungry to take any picture.

KitLai x Suki x Slena x WeeYee *the big momma* x Debie x Queen x Jenny x Candy

Ipoh 1 and Ipoh 2 = Best team !

Days without you is really suffering. Your voice telling me that you are very tired and need good rest. Don't worry, I'll take care myself and promise me that you will be doing fine there. The most important is ride safe and home soon, love.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Missing YOU

Last night was unpredictable. Everyone thought you were back home but actually you're not! Fall asleep in the car like a baby, when you woke up only realised that your car broke down. Everyone was sleeping but I told you, I'm always here when you need me. No doubt. ILY ♥


Supposed to meet you tonight but too bad you have to rush to KL for tomorrow track work. That was a heart attack news for me. Cause I've been waiting the whole day for tonight. Sometimes shit happened and we have to accept it no matter what.

You're leaving for TWO weeks. Goshhh how hard it is for me to missing you in this TWO weeks?? *sobbing* Need your hugs right now, so badly.

All I have to do is to support you and I know you will be back for me in no time. ILY, my Shorty! ♥