Sunday, November 29, 2009


Finally!! I'm sick!!!!!!!!!!!

For TWO weeks in a row lack of sleep, water and everything. Mr. Sorethroat and Ms. Fever came visit this evening and now I'm on medication. GREAT! My sexaayy voice is back! hahahahaha

After work, went home sleep like a baby until I received a call from my friend regarding someone personality and all. I was so surprised at first but I do believe everyone got their own histories. *smile*

And now, my bed is calling me to get back to sleep. urrgghhhh Night world!! ♥ ♥

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Sorry again for delayed everything. So, without wasting much time, as usual, there's nothing interesting but my weekends is full of activities. Karaoke, gathering with friends, party and drink drank drunk! hahahahaha

I met new friends which is awesome to hangout with, Murphy, Issac, Kenneth, Thomas, Adrian, Koo, Samantha, Mei Ling and many more, couldn't remember their names, soooweeeeee.


Met up with Ames, Calvin and Karen @ Friends Cafe. Its been a while since we last met. All good but ofcourse in between something bad happened, I'm sorry to know that, cheer up girl!

Ames xx Karen xx Queen

Queen xx Calvin *I wish I could have your skin!!!*


And not to forget, Happy Birthday ThaiYang. Oh yea, he's one of my new friends too. *smile*

Adore his tattoo on his arm, JUPITER!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Babes night out ♥

Its been a while since Rubybabe come back to pomelo land. Not much heart-to-heart sessions cause time is so limit but there's always next time and we had so much fun tho.

Ruby planned to have a surprise party for her brother @ Sincero. After renovation, yesterday was my first visit. Well, nothing much to say, environment was okay, but the songs and lighting drives me crazy. Seriously. Can't stay any longer cause my eyes calling for SOS *shakehead*

The one and only I'm impressed bout the club is the washroom. *laughoutloud*

Queen xx Cheron


Ruby xx Queen xx Cheron

Queen xx Cheron

Ruby xx Queen


Night ended with dots dots dots. Something are better left unsaid cause I found it silly and childish at the same time. Hopefully I won't repeat the same mistakes again. *youknowwhatImean*

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bacardi Apple

This post is kind of lame, but I seriously been thinking about Bacardi Apple the whole day. No, I'm not a alcoholic, no no no *laughoutloud*

Just thought of having a couple of drinks after work would makes helps to relax and ofcourse with good company. Missing the good old time with the bunch of gang *onlyfewofthem* , everything seems so different right now but its for the best. *smile*

I want something colourless, gin tonic, bacardi, absolut vodka *yucktothepariavodka* etc etc. I know is too early to booze but I feel F work and go for it. Oh my, I sound so alcoholic here but actually I'm not. *laughingtomyself*

How nice if I'm at the beach now, sipping some cocktails, looking at hot guys as well as being watch by them. Aahhhhahahahaha day dreaming. STOP DREAMING ALREADY!! uuurrgghhhh!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Too late for Halloween??

Planned for girls night out with my babeh but end up for Halloween Party @ Barroom, Ipoh. hmmm Too late for halloween?

People dressed up for halloween and there's SUB sponsor for the make up. So yea, the bar is fulled of ghost. Scary??? naahh some look like an idiot. LOL

Well, as usual the bar is packed and we couldn't go in. Instead of stuck inside sardine's can, so we decided to settle down outside the bar. Not that bad after all.

Queen xx Donald *theowner* mummy??? HAHAHA

Cheron xx Cactus xx Queen

Queen xx Vampire of the night

Cactus xx Queen xx Stanley idea... LOL

Queen xx Phibie


Today is my off day again, but decided to stay in since pouring cats and dogs out there. I'm eating strawberries while blogging. HAHAHAAHA I know I know....

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

BB User

Another off day with full of activities. Woke up around noon, did some house chores here and there, laundry and did my own spa before head out with Cactusbabe.

I've been thinking whether to get Blackberry or not. Since mum already said GO AHEAD, so yeaaa, got myself a BB curve with maxis plan. Supposing planned for boutique hunting, guess I have to postpone for another week. HAHAHAHA Sorry to my new closet.

Went for late lunch @ Johnny's again. We love steamboat, aren't we?? hehehehe

Saw my food???? hehehehe

Cactusbabe with her spinach noodles yummmmm

Officially BB user!! Wooooohhhooooo Anyone BBM pin please??


After late lunch, wondering around JJ a little and head back home for dinner and get ready for MJ's This Is It with Cheronbabe.

Hats off Michael Jackson. Even tho he's 50 plus but still can sing and dance live. He's so professional, you won't know that he's sick. Everything have to be perfect for him and he always said, " That's what we called rehearsal, thank you "

ALL his production is so meaningful. Human Nature, Earth Song, Heal The World, We Are The World, You're Not Alone, Man In The Mirror, etc ..... SALUTE! God Bless MJ ♥

Monday, November 2, 2009

Another reason to partayy

Halloween??? hmmm Not really happening in Ipoh but just another reason to party.

And ofcourse Sukiebabe is celebrating her birthday too. Once again Happy Birthday babe ♥

Was struggling for hours whether to go or not, made up my mind last minute to go have a look and end up wasted. Too much mixture of alcohol it seems. Gahhhh

Nothing much to say, met a lot of friends and the crowd makes me more hyper. LOL

Getting ready to hit the club. Where???? hmmmmmmm BARROOM! I know rightttt

Sukie the birthday girl ♥

Queen xx Julie xx Sukie xx Michelle

Queen xx Julie

Queen xx Chester xx sorry I forgot your name


That's it, so called Halloween party, but there's another real Halloween party on the 6th November.... Let see how scary it is. Chao peeps... nighty