Tuesday, March 31, 2009


OMG!! Something wrong with me, I used to be a eating machine but not for now!! I have no appetite at ALL!!! Can't finish my lunch or dinner. People said I'm ANEROXIC!! GOSSHH!! Not that bad, okay. Just lost 0.00++ kg only!! HAHAHAHAAHA Well, guess I have to take some vitamins. A? B? C??

Don't worry, I'll be fine. Eat healthy, stay healthy!!

urrgghh!! I miss someone soooo badly!! Take care.. xoxo

Monday, March 30, 2009

relaxing weekend

SakaiBelle called it SARSI WEEKEND!! hehehe.... We just heart Sarsi. yummmm

Had a great and relaxing weekend at kayelle with Eddy, Vino and SakaiBelle. Thanks for everything. =)

Went down on Thursday noon by Konsortium Bas Express. VIP seat of course, but there's not much choice cos last minute ticket. So, I have to sit with one malay guy. Half way, pouring rain and I was listening to songs, SUDDENLY I felt something wet. GUESS WHAT? Water drip from the air-con. OMG!! My luggage is half wet and the malay guy sitting beside, helps me to put up so that it wont get worst. Thank you so much.

Had dinner at Bernard's place. Love the Thai food, they serve yummy-licious nasi goreng kampung and tom yam sotong!! yummmm

I can't finish my food cos of appetite problem.. hmmm...

After dinner, we decided to take a drive to Putrajaya. The building structures are awesome!! There's a bridge which I forgot the name of it, and its surrounded by purple color lights. How nice!! hehehehe...

Nice shot hurr??? Thx to our photographer =)

HAHAHAHA...I have no idea what am I doing, but SakaiBelle said, is YOGA!! lol

SakaiBelle & Queen

Shut The Fuck Up and Drink Your Beer


The next day, went for late lunch at Ming Tien, if I not mistaken. And the boys started to cam whore!! HAHAHAHAHA

Gangsta Look!! * Eddy, Harpal, Vino *

Cute Pose!! HAHAHAHA
^Harpal just can't make it!! ^

Eddy * Harpal ^the rock star^

SakaiBelle & Queen =)


Came back on Saturday evening. Exhausted but great weekend.

Managed to meet few friends of mine at Barbeza later night. Got tipsy with the ice lemon tea from LONG ISLAND!! hahahaha... is soooo not me, maybe I'm too tired cause of travelling. LOL

Queen & Siew Ee =)


I miss you You YOU!!!!!! *youknowwhoyouare* muaxxxx

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Night out with Ms Emelia

UURRGGHH!!! I hate this feeling. Being very emotional for no reason!! Am I crazy? NO, don't worry.


Ms Emelia is back to hometown, and we went for ice beer, octopus and baby fish!! hahahaha... Why they called it ice beer?? Is because the beer is chilled until snowy and pour into frozen glass, so that you can get the snowy ice beer. Very nice, must try it.

Second round, Barbeza. Ordered long island for Ms Emelia and sex on the beach for myself. YUMMM!!! Long island tatse like ice lemon tea huh??? HAHAHAHAHA.... *youknowwhathappened* I better left unsaid, if not someone will kill me!! LOL..

Miss you already, biatch!!! Come back to me sooooon!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Tagged by Karen =)


It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag twenty people.Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real...nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

p/s = LOL well, is kinda hard for Q!!! hahahaha

1. What is yr name ? [ Toh Mei Yee ]

2. A four letter word ? [ Tall ]

3. A boy's name [ Timothy ]

4. A girl's name [ Thalia ]

5. An occupation [ Thai food hawker *lol* ]

6. A color [ err..... no idea *hiTam*]

7. Something you'll wear [ T-shirt ]

8. Food [ Timun ]

9. Something found in bathroom [ The Body Shop's glove ]

10. A name of a place [ Thailand ]

11. A reason for being late [ Ta K lun *hahahahahaha* ]

12. Something you'll shout [ Tajam-nya!!!! ]

13. A movie title [ Titanic ]

14. Something you drink [ Tequila ]

15. A music group [ The sound of Music *lol* ]

16. An animal [ Tiger ]

17. A street name [ Tun Razak ]

18. A type of car [ Toyota ]

19. A title of a song [ The Day We Find Love - 911 ]

I tagged, SakaiBelle, S.Yeebabe, Preeta, RajaNad and Siew Ee, =)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

night market!!

Went to night market with Michellebabe and her bf. The very first time she planned to go night market for after soooo long! Ate dip dip, ( cockles, fishballs, octopus, century eggs yuummmm ) laksa and my favourite honey peach pearl drink. Suppose to go for 2nd round, but my Michellebabe was too tired for that, so we went back home earlier and promise to meet soooon! Thanks for the night out. mwwaahh

Snapped in the car while we got nothing to do. heeeeheeee

HAHAHAHAHAHA...while waiting Michellebabe to fetch me, this is what I've done!! LOL

Monday, March 16, 2009

Last last week pictures when Eddy, Mini, Smita, Julie and Matt came back!!

Queen * Eddy @ Sincero

Queen * Smita * Mini @ Krave


Awwww...I miss Mini's puppy!!! A black mixed with a lil brown mini toy poodle. Isn't it CUTE??? SNUGGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reminds me of Teddy * i miss you *

Saturday, March 14, 2009

another tiring night!!

Extremely tired due to busy working day and lack of sleep!! Exhausted! I drank 2 litre of water but still not enough for me. LOL Scared later too much of water will get oedema!!! hahahahaha

Michellebabe called, ask me to go club. Man!! I really cannot ler, if I go, tomorrow I'll die!! Sorry babe, next time ya!! mwaaahh

Rather stay at home, online, watch horror movie House on Haunted Hill... Not scary at all!! I prefer Wrong Turn, which I will watch later.

My both hands and shoulder are numb. Applied some cream to reduce the tiring muscles! I LOVE L'occitane!! My fulltime bff!! hahahahaha

Ok, time for another sessions of movie, errr...no popcorn plss..!! =)

Chaoo~~~ nighty


Went to Jusco with my colleague, Emily, to have our fulltime lover, caesar salad @ CoffeeBean. Yea, DOME is better, but you know.....IPOH!!! hahahaha...

The rest of the night, just chilled at bar and chat!! But still a boring night to me, guess I left my heartbeat somewhere. LOL

Everytime I close my eyes

Girl it's been a long, long time comin', yes it has
But I, I know that it's been worth the wait
It feels like springtime in winter
It feels like Christmas in June
It feels like heaven has opened up it's gates for me and you
Every time I close my eyes I
thank the lord that I've got you
And you've got me too
And every time I think of it
I pinch myself cuz I don't believe it's true
That someone like you loves me too
Girl I think that you're truly somethin', yes you are
And you're, you're every bit of a dream come true, yes you are
With you baby, it never rains
And it's no wonder
The sun always shines when I'm near you
It's just blessing that I have found somebody like you
Ooh Oh
To think of all the nights I've cried myself to sleep
You really oughta know how much you mean to me
It's only right, it's only right
(In my life) that you be in my life right here with me
Oh baby, baby, yeah
(Chorus to fade)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

missing everybody!!

Last week Patty came back for holiday. She lurveeee Ipoh Hor Fun!!! Manage to met her at Barroom with Sukie as well. Not to forget the gentleman sssss. Thanks for the booze.

Pattylicious & Queen


MISS U my biatchessss!!!!!

I miss u like crazy, even more a words can say, I miss u like crazy, every minute everyday, Girl I'm so down, When your love not around, I miss u...miss u miss u...... I miss u like crazy!!

HAHAHAHAHAHA...noob right????

Smita *seeherface,nervous!!!* Queen * Preeta * fastercomebackandsetloklokdatewithme*

Michelle *mybesties, hopesheokaywitheverything... heartyou*

ahhh...this picture ageee ago!!! hahahaha..... short hair better???? hmmmmm

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

awesome weekend

After 3 weeks, finally!! hahahaha.....

hmmm..... someone is getting fatter day by day!!! *youknowwhoyouare* nahhh.. just joking!! bleuks!!

AGAIN, Penang plans, FAILURE!!! hmmpphh but still I'm having fun!! =)

As usual, went to bar, jalan-jalan cari makan all the way!! and I'm cravinnnggg for oystersssssss!!!! Guess I have to wait for 2 more weeks or more.

p/s = Vinobha Anthony Doss, study hard study smart!! Good luck!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Bad Day

I DON'T like what happened these few days. Especially TODAY!

Hope everythings okay and won't be happen again. God bless YOU!!!

B U R N - Usher

Girl, understand why
See it's burning me to hold onto this
I know this is something I gotta do
But that don't mean I want to
What I'm trying to say is that I-love-you I just
I feel like this is coming to an end
And its better for me to let it go now than hold on and hurt you
I gotta let it burn
[Verse 1]
It's gonna burn for me to say this
But it's comin from my heart
It's been a long time coming
But we done been fell apart
Really wanna work this out
But I don't think ya gonna change ya
I do but you don't
Think it's best we go our separate ways
Tell me why I should stay in this relationship
When I'm hurting baby, I ain't happy baby
Plus theres so many other things I gotta deal with
I think that you should let it burn
When your feeling ain't the same and your body don't want to
But you know gotta let it go cuz the party ain't jumpin' like it used to
Even though this might bruise you
Let it burn Let it burn Gotta let it burn
Deep down you know it's best for yourself but you
Hate the thought of her being with someone else
But you know that it's over
You know that it was through
Let it burn Let it burn Gotta let it burn
[Verse 2]
Sendin' pages I ain't supposed to
Got somebody here but I want you
Cause the feelin ain't the same find myself
Callin' her your name
Ladies tell me do you understand?
Now all my fellas do you feel my pain?
It's the way I feel
I know I made a mistake
Now it's too lateI know she ain't comin back
What I gotta do now
To get my shorty back Ooo ooo ooo ooooh
Man I don't know what I'm gonna do Without my booo
You've been gone for too long
It's been fifty-eleven days, um-teen hoursImma be burnin' till you return (let it burn)
I'm twisted cuz one side of me is tellin' me that I need to move on
On the other side I wanna break down and cry (ooooh)
I'm twisted cuz one side of me is tellin' me that I need to move on
On the other side I wanna break down and cry (yeah)

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I miss "chi ku pa" sessions!!!! HAHAHAHA.....

Not feeling well since yesterday night, my body sooo weak. Slightly fever and sore throat. Maybe lack of sleep and water. Thanks to the two bro who cheer me up. Laughing non-stop and some stupid thing we did. HAHAHAHAHA

Awwww......I miss everyone!! Faster come back!!!!