Monday, February 23, 2009

I Heart You, Daddy

Last night I was craving for my dad's bake fish au gratin with white creamy sauce. So, I wrote one note for him in his kitchen, " Daddy, I want fish au gratin, pllssss " . And this evening he called, telling me that my fish au gratin is done. awwww.... so sweet of you, dad... I love u soooo much!!!

Mummy * Sis * Daddy * Grandma * QUEEN * Bro

GOSH!! my hair !! hahahaha....I think is 19/20 years old... so noob right??


Bake Fish Au Gratin - since there's no mozzarella cheese, dad use sliced cheese replaced it.


HAHAHAHAA...I finished ALL!!!! phat phat!!! but nevermind, is all from my daddy's heart.. ^^

Daddy's little girl * 4 years old *

Sunday, February 22, 2009

random night

Thursday supposed to be my off day, but since I replaced it on last week due to some REASONs. So, as usual, went to work and my colleague, Emily told me that her husband not free to accompany her, and I was like, "Let's go Riverbank!!" ... hehehehe.. We ordered, Tropicale Pizza, Claypot Tom Yam with Rice Noodles, Wild Mushroom Soup and Caesar Salad. Emily have to eat more so that her BB will grow bigger and bigger!! oowwhh.... Can't wait for her to see the world. Queenie jie jie is waiting for you... LOL...

VEry veRY blur picture...but still I post it!! hahahaha....


Get together again on Saturday night with Michelle babe and the gang. Headed to Starbucks around 9.30 pm to meet up with Michelle and her bf. Chatting non-stop as usual, like her bf said, "You both like didn't see each other for yearssss " hahahahaha... What to do, there's so many to gossip about! After Starbucks, we headed to Barroom to meet the others.

Mini, Matthew and Julie was back in Ipoh, manage to meet them at Krave Bar.

Candy * Queen * Michelle ( and she was like babe, don't upload this picture, I look fat!! )

Met Cactus and she still hhaawwwttt!!!! *woooooot*

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I hate this part right here!!!!! I put on weight nearly 2 kg!! Eating non-stop, late night supper. Not so Queenie!!! Have to control my diet again. But I cant help it, I'm always hungry. What happened to me? Gotta stop it before its too late. lol

Been lazy for up to 4 months. Guess I need to get back to my yoga. HAHAHAHA I have to be in good condition before I go for the interview next month. Hopefully everything's fine.

Was msging my ex-senior today, she asked me bout how's the modeling. She encourage me to go for it. Well, I always don't have the guts to go for it.

Somehow, there's a "not so popular" or not even heard of it, model agency PM me on the other day. Was asking if I interested in modeling. So, we were talking bout this industry, and he started talking crap, dirty subject and etc. Can you please not to be so explicit? If you're professional enough, you'll just ask me to send in my resume/portfolio, and not asking bout sexy/nude pictures. So screw you!!! Get a life..

oh yea, today is 18th February, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MINI!!!! mwah mwah.. love u !!

GOSHH!!! is 3am ++ Gotta go!! Night everyone...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tagged by SakaiMui

20 things about her :
  1. Chindian
  2. Baby V is her heartbeat
  3. Love dark chocolate
  4. Talk super fast (can't catch up sometimes)
  5. Always tear when she depress or sad
  6. Black is her fav color
  7. Hates shythole ( Sg. Long )
  8. A very good listener
  9. Drive a army-green SLK
  10. Super duper friendly
  11. Love her Sparkles and her godson - Teddy =)
  12. Love Teh O' ice
  13. Afraid of ah woo woo
  14. Love to cook
  15. Creative mind she have
  16. Always hang out at Ken 3, Damansara
  17. Tom Yum freak
  18. Lasenza's fan
  19. Long lashes
  20. Alcoholics!!!

I tag NO ONE!!! enough...

10 years????

OH MY GOD!!! I was so surprised, that I have to blog about it!!! After so long, 10 years. Was super duper happy. =)

Wong Kin Chong!!! Never heard of this name for 10 years, since form 2/3. Received his called just now, and I was trying so hard to recalled who is he. No idea at 1st but when he said he's the guy who celebrate my 14th birthday. ALL MY MEMORIES CAME BACK TO ME!!!! and I was like OMFG!!!! Unbelievable!! He left to UK for a better job for about 7 years and we lost contact. Till he saw my pictures on my student, Nichole Wong's Friendster account.

Guess what? He's the brother. My student used to talk about her brother working in UK, handsome and is single!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA What a small world. He changed alot, I couldn't recognise him at 1st, but after a while, he still the same. LOL

Looking forward to meet up with him next year when he back to Malaysia. Can't wait!! =)

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Been lepak-ing for 3 weeks, since cny. Went for movies, bars, drinks, and some stupid things. HAHAHAHAHA... and not to forget the "ci ku pa" sessions. Lots of fun whenever you're around. Thanks for everything smeeeelllyyy.
Went to Barroom with Michelle and her gang. Extremely crowded as usual. And there's no parking at all, so I have to pay rm 5.00 for a very very very far place!! daym!! Walking on my 4" heels is not a good idea, but I have no choice. People making money by selling soft toys, flowers by the road side and is really expensive. duuhh

Queen and Michellebabe ( thx for everything muuaahhh )

Michelle * Candy * Queen


What a surprise! Today I received flowers from my ex-boyfriend. Not on Valentines but today. He said friends is on 15th and 14th is for gf/bf. HAHAHAHAHAHA... Well, thank you. =)

12 roses + 9 Ferrero Rocher chocolates + vase

Tagged by my Cousis Babe

10 things about her :
  • Adorable eyes
  • Just got herself nose piercing
  • Looking forward to belly piercing as well
  • Always complain that she's fat but actually she's NOT
  • Big boobiessss @@
  • Coach's fan
  • Fall in love with Pink Color
  • She promised to bake cake for me :)
  • Like to mix and match
  • and She's single!!! ( guys, what you waiting for? )

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tagged Tagged Tagged

OKAY, I have to write 10 things or more about the person who tagged me :

  • Her baby is Francis Hew
  • Love her mum so much
  • LOK LOK lover
  • Chor dai dee queen!!!
  • Loveeeee shopping
  • She got big booobbiiesss (doink doink)
  • Love to club
  • She love Nando's desert, the choco cake
  • Scared of cats and dogs
  • Currently working at Sri Pentas
  • Addicted to strawberry dip choco
  • Toto is what she named for the comforter
  • Her chinese name is Ling Ling
  • and she got nice curve butt!!! ( wooohooooo )


  • Love her band mates
  • PETAI lover!!!!
  • Always shit non-stop
  • Currently join DJ classes
  • Love sepet ( ME )
  • Club hopper!!
  • CONVERSE lover
  • Sleeping beauty
  • Hate b*****
  • and she miss me alotsssss ( HAHAHAHAHAH perasan )

Monday, February 9, 2009

Thaipusam Night!!!

Everyone busy praying on that night, but we busy chilling at the Barroom... hahahahaha... We still prefer either Krave Bar or Barbeza!!.. Bump into Sukie Chan and she's half drunk!!!

Half drunk Sukie!!!

He said got FOUR GIRLS asked him for his number that night!!! hmmmmm

Tagged by ShonaMomma

Whoever who gets tagged, has to write 10 things about the person who tagged him/her :

  • She love painting her nails.
  • She loveee mango.
  • She don't like Ipoh.
  • She wants to tatateitei (which I don't know what is that LOL )
  • She just watched Pink Panther 2
  • She's like momma to everyone
  • Steal mandarin oranges at Jusco (hahahahaha Smita told me)
  • She like the quote " Show her your balls " (hahahahahahaha)
  • She's friendly and outgoing
  • She got a VERY sharp nose!!!!

The person who who got tagged, has to write 10 things about herself/himself :

  • I'm 173 cm tall
  • I got a pair of sepet eyes
  • I'm a Louis Vuitton's fan!!!!!
  • Caesar salad lover
  • Shopaholic
  • Currently working as a beauty therapist
  • Love Heineken!!!!
  • Dislike the girl inside Caprice's Fantasy Girl video 1.15 min (HAHAHAHAHA You know why??? )
  • Enjoy spending time with someone

Here's the twist, if I tagged you, and you must write 20 things about ME, you can only take 5 or less from above. The other five or more will have to be from you.

I tag :

  • Smita
  • Raja
  • Siew Ee
  • Sook Yee
  • Preeta
  • Karen
  • Julie
  • Belle

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

CNY Reunion

I found that CNY is getting bored year after year. Don't have the spirit of CNY at all, but luckily all my gurls came back, so yeah, we had fun. Almost every night I slept at 7 am!! CRAZY!!

There's nothing much you can do in Ipoh, except, chilling at the bar, cafe or club. Talk about gambling!! hmmm... I got no luck at all!! This year is OX Year, myself is a ox and is not good for OX, so, gotta do something with it. Chinese people said have to go SIP TAI SUI, because this year ox FAN TAI SUI... I got no clue what is that, but mummy will do it for me. LOL

On the 3rd day of CNY, had a gathering dinner at 1919 Restaurant with all my gurls, Oranges, Ruby, Sukie, Cheron, Theresa, Canney & Jackie. After dinner we headed to BARROOM. Everyone is high on alcohol, especially ME!! The tequila shots kills me! uurrrggghh!!! But yet we had so much fun.


Siew Ee & Queen ( Krave Bar )

Cheron & Queen ( 1919 )

Queen & Oranges ( Barroom )

Ruby & Queen ( 1919 )

Standing - Cheron Ruby Sukie Queen Oranges
Sitting - Theresa Jackie Canney

Meet up with Emelia & Kynki at Jusco CoffeeBean. Non stop gossiping bout SOMEONE!!! hahahahahahahaha

Very bad of us, right?? I know, but we cant help it!! LOL

Both in love with PureChoco but mine is without cream!!
Queen & Eme

Pity Kynki, sick!!
The Retarded Brothers!!! hahahaha
Vino & Eddy

Look at me!! Flying high!!! weeEeeeEEeee~~~

Queen & Eddy
As usual his sepet eyes!!

RAJA NADIAH!!! my lesbian partner!!! HAHAHAHAHAH
just joking!!! miss her so much!!