Sunday, January 25, 2009

Missed In Action!!!!

Sorry for sooooooo long never update my blog, kinda busy with working and outing with Smita and Preeta... WE ALL RETARDED!!!! hahahahaha

Can't wait for the Chinese New Year!!! wooOOOooohhhOOooooo...Everyone is back and everywhere is full of peoples!!! JAM JAM JAM JAM!!!!!


Saturday, January 17, 2009

No Title

Got a bouquet of flower from a MYSTERY MAN!!! HAHAHAHAHA....... Why I mention mystery??

To, Queenie

Have A Nice Day

From, dot dot dot =)



My colleague, Emily brought her two schnauzer, Jack & Jill for grooming. So, around 5 p.m, she wanted to go and collect them at the pet care centre. AND YOU KNOW WHAT??? She bought a toy poodle!!!!!!! OMG!!!! Reminds me of my Teddy. But this lil fella's color is a bit different, golden caramel!! Look at him, isn't it cuteeee???? Kinda playful, running here and there... CLUMSY!!!! hahahaha.... Took few pictures with him....

awwwww......look at his eyes!!!! sooooooo cutteeeeeee!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrr

owhh!!! I just can't stop it!!! So adorable!!! COme to Mama!!! LOL

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Went to night market at stadium with Smita and Preeta. Ate laksa and dip dip. OWH!!! How's satisfied!!! HAHAHAHAHA... Had my own Honey Peach Pearl Drink. MMMmmmmMMMmmm About half an hour we decided to go somewhere else to chill, on the way to our car, Smita was showing Preeta a JEANS with alot of CHAINS!!! HAHAHAHA...and I'm pretending that I'm wearing it, and show them how I will behave. They both laugh at me!!! HAHAHAHA.... Imagine, those chains connect to nose ring!!! That would be extremely WEIRD!!!

So after that, we decided to go Sidewalk Ice Cream parlour.

x Smita and Queen x

x Queen and Preeta x

our ICE CREAMS!!!! Mine is Banana Boat..... LOL

Owh.....I just love this decorations!!! Notice the cow down there????


We headed back home after ice cream, cos Smita is going KL tomorrow morning... Alright then, time to sleeeeeeeep!!!! Good night everyone!! ^^

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

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x This place located at Pavillion Mall, I like the environment.... ^^ x


x Everybody thought I'm a CHINA GIRL!!!!! hmmmmmm x

A Picture of PEOPLE that Means A lot To You

All my beloved F.R.I.E.N.D.S

A Picture of You with you BEST SMILE ( Open and Closed Mouth )

arrrrrrggghhhhhhh x emmmmmmmmmmmm

A Picture of You with the LAMEST POSE


A Picture Of Someone That Stands On Top Of Your Heart

Daddy x Little Queen x Mummy

A Picture Of You With Some Toys or Cute Stuff


A Picture Of You In White Shirt

Kota Kinabalu Pulau Manukan...... ^^


Then tag 10ppl n see their nice n not nice pic

  • Cousis SookYee
  • Julie
  • Raja
  • Preeta
  • Smita
  • Siew Ee
  • Sasha
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  • Karen
  • Pey Ying

Monday, January 12, 2009


Was in KL last weekend to attend a small gathering with my ex-schoolmates, Eleaine, PeyYing, Emelia, Yee Woon, the rest can't make it cause some of them need to work and prefer at night.

Headed to KL on Friday night after work with Julie's bf, Francis and Tiong.

Thanks to SakaiBelle and her bf, Vino, they both fetch me to The Curve. SO sweet of them... Love you both ^^

Eddy can't join us cause he need to finish up his assignment and study for the coming up exam. GOOD LUCK!!!

The gathering was extremely fun!! We talked and laughed non-stop bout the good old days!! GOSH!!! WE all grown!!!

PeyYing, Emelia, Queen

Emelia, Queen

Enjoying my Mango & Strawberry Margarita


Queen, Eleaine ^ birthday gurl ^
Eleaine , PeyYing, Emelia, Queen

Eleaine, Colin, PeyYing, Emelia, Queen, Yee Woon

OMG!!! this picture!! EMELIA force me to upload it!!! sigh

Last picture before we apart!!! MISS YOU GIRLS!!!!


Thursday, January 8, 2009

o u t i n g w i t h m y b a b e s

Received a call from my bestie Michelle on the other day asking me to meet up for a drink at the Krave Bar, since we didn't see each other for yearrsssss!!! Not that long actually!! HAHAHAHAHA So, I asked Sukie along. =) and she was like, "OKAY GREAT!!! Finally you came back to us my QUEEN" HAHAHAHA.... Yea, it's been quite some times I didn't hang out with my girls.

Reached Krave Bar around 10 pm, and I thought it was just only three of us. Just I entered the bar, I saw 4 guys at the table. Michelle Oh Michelle..... She planned everything for me just to cheer me up. So sweet of her... Love u babe!!! She intro some new friends to me, Justin, Leong, David, Raymond, Jon, and etc.... Can't really remember their names!! Oppsieee!!! And yeah!!! What a small world, David was one of my neighbour last time at Taman Cempaka. He's working at Australia now, came back for Chinese New Year. And I met him last night... =) GOSH!! We all grown up!! HAHAHAHA

As usual Michelle will asking for camera and started to snap snap snap snap!!!

Michelle * Queen

Sukie * Michelle * Queen

Queen * Wai Hong <>


After Krave Bar, we headed to Olivenz Cafe to meet up with Sukie's gang and they're playing poker. Well, I don't know much in poker, so..... SNAP again!!! HAHAHAHAHA

WAIT!! Before we snap, there's a funny story behind. Michelle's beloved-mum, called to remind her to back earlier. While chatting on the phone, suddenly WE all heard something very loud, like something knocked on something very badly. HAHAHAHAHA...Guess what?? Our silly Michelle knocked her own head on the sofa. We all laughing at her. HAHAHAHAHA....

Queen * Michelle

Queen * Sukie ^ she's playing poker ^ still I want to disturb her... bleuks!!


Still got lotz more pictures in Michelle's camera... Will upload more when she transfer to me.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Almost every night is raining. I hate it, ruined everything! My work place flood, have to soak in wet, and ended up catch cold!!

Got into a small accident just now on the way back home. I can't see so well cos of the hard pouring rain. No matter how fast the wiper goes, still can't see so well. The car in front stopped and it's too late for me to step on emergency break. My car kissed the car in front!! LOL But cos of the pouring rain, I couldn't get off the car, and the car in front went off! I was so scared. Eventually I reach home safely. Luckily there's no scratch on my car. Next time should wear sunglasses when its heavy rain cos it will helps you to watch the road more clear. I heard that from a friend of mine. HAHAHAHA.... Tell me if you tried before!! =D

Saturday, January 3, 2009


I hate PMS!!!! uurrrgghhh!!! moodyyy!!!! Sorry smeeeellyy, for throwing my temper on you. hmmmm.... Yesterday is the worst night of my life!!! EMO EMO EMO!!! Can't sleep till 6am this morning, and I have to work at 10am!!! Luckily i got my super eye balm!! If you know what I mean. HAHAHAHA

Nothing much happening during new year. All I know is, I'm getting older!!! SHYT!!!

2009 resolutions :

  • Get a new job!!! *woooott* evillaugh *
  • More more more more LV babiesss!!! HAHAHAHA *dreaming*
  • A hot bod!!! * MR & MRS Fats, please stay away from me * =D
  • Get to know more and more people. Get out of the boring life.
  • I want to go for a beach holiday * anyone interested ?? *


Gonna meet my beloved friend, Eleaine, next week. A small gathering since we've been 3 years plus never see each other, causes she's working in Australia. She back for the Chinese New Year.

Supposed to meet her on the 1st of January 2009 at KL, but for some reasons, I can't make it. SO sorry girls!!! Will see u girls soooon. -xoxo-