Friday, August 28, 2009


Finally wash all my dirty clothes, clean up my room a lil bit and now I'm listening to some old school songs. And this emo song from Britney Spears - Girl In The Mirror keep playing over and over again. FYI I'm not sad or emo or whatever, just of one those days, you like to be alone in your room without any disturbance. Yes, I'm in this kind of mood right now. =D

Looking thru all my fb's album and I realised my hair has grown so fast! Extremely fast! Even my hair stylist said that. woooooooot

Everyone was asking why I keep my hair black? hmmmm I love black! What IF I dyed my hair to brown, maroon or highlights/lowlights? Will it be weird? hmmmm never try never know.

Trying out the CheongSam I bought earlier of the year for CNY, gosh I loss so much of weight! daymmm ... Customize it or eat more??? EAT MORE of course.

Okay, enough of nonsense, better get some rest or dvd marathon??? hehehe Night world!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Get Together.

All the way to KL just to meet up Ms Khoo Yen Nee, back from Australia. After so long, 10 years stuck there, finally made up her mind, come back to visit Malaysia and some old friends. Quite nervous for the past few days. HAHAHAHA 10 years man!

And I'm here to thanks Eddy, Vino and Colin for the company. Love them much!

Reached KL around 1am and straight to Changkat BB, for the sake of alcoholics and curiosity in me. Went to this bar called SUTRAA, happy hour all night long for only RM9 per glass of beer. Had a few glass and hop to another bar, GYPSY. They guys down some Jager Bomb and Jager Shots. While the Queen nicely sipping on Long Island. Nice one.

The EVC!!!
Colin xx Queen

Colin and Vino + Jager Bomb

Jager Shots

My Long Island! =)

The after effect of alcohol, makes Colin hyper, jumping here and there!


Next day, went to Pavilion to meet up with Emelia and Yennee. Had lunch @ Sakae Sushi, nice one. Thanks for the treat.

Yennee said I'm still the same old MeiYee. hahahaaahaha

Yennee xx Queen xx Emelia

Nice catching up for after so long but of course we still keep in touch thru FB and msn. Take care there, have a safe journey back and happy holiday! =)

*clear throat*


Some people are just very pathetic. When we know bullshits comes before honestly. Reason is you're too young to be in a committed relationship at the age of 22. Don't bullshit by saying that getting into another relationship is the last thing that you wanna do. *tsk tsk pathetic*

To the guy name K, trust me, what goes around comes around, KARMA and Oh yea, she don't deserve to be with a guy like you. She's so much better compare to you and the girl name X. HAHAHAHAHA you guys must be wondering huh???

Saw the middle finger here?? Nah, take that! *smile*


To my dearest, *huggies* remember that you still have us. No big deal w/o the jerk. Love u always.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Guys and their egoness.

Someone told me, is not too late to learn about guys. Guys and their egoness really drive me crazy. They have pms like us too? But I'm very sure that there's something in their mind that make them moody or fussy.

Girls are different, they moody cause they need attention from guys. LOL Sometimes I don't know why myself end up moody or grumpy. Especially pms time, pity you guys. hahahaha

So, just let those egoness behind, its just one of those days.


Went out to meet my girls to clear off my mind abit. My girls really knows how to cheer me up. That's why I love them much.

A big hug to Cheron babe, hope she can take her mind off soooooon and Pei-Shyen of course, the one who always smile whenever I see her.

Pei-Shyen xx Queen xx Cheron


Went home early cause of the stupid weather. Pouring cats and dogs and end up getting myself wet. Super hot shower and msn-ed with Emelia, mentioned about her on the previous post, best adviser ever, even tho she may not been thru what I've been but what she advised me, makes me feel so much better. I'm glad to have her as my friend. <3

Monday, August 17, 2009

Catching up here and there

I need something SWEET now, like really sweet. Craving for sarsi, mcflurry strawberry, custard..... ugghhhh hormones changed!

And I'm so into Leona Lewis - Better In Time, don't ask me why, me myself also don't know why, out of the blue the song is playing continuously. lol


Since someone is not around, so I managed to catch up with my girls @ Friends cafe, two days in a role. One thing that I love bout FC is their smoked salmon caesar salad and blackcurrant tea.

Ta daaa.... Isn't it look delicious??? YES it is! =)

Queen with the jacket, Cheron non-stop asking me to take it out, makes her feel HOT! lol

Pei-Shyen xx Queen

hmmmm....missing someone!

Pei-Shyen xx Cheron xx Queen

Went home earlier for my DVD marathon. The Haunting in Connecticut is awesome. Based on true story. Is about one family's real life encounter with dark forces of the supernatural. I watch it alone in the middle of the night. I just love horror movies!



Again at the same place with same girls but bump into Karen, Ames and Calvin. Its been age, Mr. Calvin, busyman after graduate. What to do, family business. Keep it up man!

Okay, I wasn't ready yet. Another one plssss

Ahhaaaa....perfect! Queen xx Karen

Karen xx Queen xx KarNing xx Ames

Mr Calvin xx Queen - adore his skin! sooooooo smooooth!

Queen xx Pei-Shyen

Had so much fun with the card games and girls talk ( only for me, Cher and PShyen to know ) Ohmygosh.....laugh die me! Who say only guys can talk dirty?? Girls also can okay! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Today, tiring day. Went home straight after work, dinner and I fall asleep on my comfy bed. Woke up realized is already 1230 am. NOW, I'm so awake. DVD marathon again??? hmmmm Yea, think so. Haven't watch Confessions Of A Shopaholic.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

2007 vs 2009

Lamest post ever!

Was looking thru all my pictures, years by years. Its funny when you look back how you used to be, how NERD you used to be, I mean. hahahaha

People coming in and out your life. Good or bad, all of them. Meeting new people is actually for you to learn about life. Very true indeed. *smile*

Among of all the pictures, I pick one that is 2007 and I'm in bob cut! hahahahah

11 August 2007
11 August 2009

Spot any different??? Yea, I know besides my hair, I'm so much fatter, right??

Monday, August 10, 2009

Randomness ever!

First of all, let me intro my ex-classmate, Emelia, who's crazy for Korean food. BUT she cant take spicy food, I wonder how she can manage that. Miss her so much, miss our craziness. Oh yea, fyi, she's my ex-neighbour too. Used to play together, laugh till *ahem* HAHAHAHAHA

Our favourite games is GODZILLA! hahahaha....only for me and her to know. Stupid game ever but yet we had lots of fun and we still talk about it NOW. Good memories with good friends.

Was chatting with her this afternoon, talked bout all types of mushrooms. We both love mushrooms especially enorki mushroom. =D

Videocall while waiting for my client and I print screen it! Niceeeee



Okay, time for me to sleep and tomorrow is my off day! Yay! Goodnight world.

Not gossip but CONVERSE!

HAHAHAHAA.......according to Cheronbabe, "We don't gossip but we do converse".

Meet up with Cheron and Pei-Shyen *newfriend* @ Friends Cafe for a drink. Suppose to bring my HK cousis, Pinky, along since she's back for holiday, but too bad my aunty not allow.

Bubbly girl like me, sure can get along with. LOL So yea, 'converse' bout everything and Ipoh is such a small world, like everybody knows everybody.

Pei-Shyen & Queen * for the very 1st time picture *

hahahaha....Guess who's our Nigel Barker?? NO ONE! Self-timer, on top of the candle holder and ashtray. GREAT one!

Cheron is pointing to one random guy who sat inside the cafe that stalking on us. He was actually asking his friend to secretly take picture of us. -_____-" wierdo!

And finally, perfect!!! Thanks to Pei-Shyen's friend, Lee.


The gang decided to hit the new Rum Jungle, Ipoh. After for sooooooo long. New concept, curtains everywhere and there's a small swimming pool at the entrance. Decorations for sure. And good service ever!

Notice the small swimming pool behind?

Queen x Eddy x Vino

Nicole Chan is back! Bump into her and she's still the same after 1 year plus missing. FYI she's working @ Singapore. lol

Finally manage to meet up with Suyin. =)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Back to the OLD days

I'm fully recovered and time for me to meet up with my girls Cheron, Michelle and Sukie. It's been a while since 2-3 months back? All busy with working, uncountable unsuccessful plans and finally we made it for the night.

Instead of clubbing, we choose to have heart-to-heart session about what happened recently, work, life, ups and downs etc. Guess I have to catch up with them more often since they said I'm so far from behind. *regarding to lots of issue which I better left unsaid here* Thanks for the advise girls.

Feel so sorry for what happened to Cheron. Look further and you'll find a way to solve the problem. See, things are getting better now.

The same thing goes to me, I have to walk further instead of standing in THIS circle. Time to have a lil bit of changing here. Very true indeed.

As usual there's always a photo session. *smile*

Queen & Michelle

Group pix -thx to the waitress

Michelle x Sukie x Queen

Queen x Cheron

That's all for the night and deffinitely there will be another heart-to-heart session very soon. And I'll promise you girls that I'll back to the OLD days. *youknowwhatImean* xoxo