Thursday, October 29, 2009

Little space for me

Feeling abit weird this morning. After so long today the emoness hits me back and I managed to handle it but somehow after work...................... hmmmm Normal?? Abnormal??

Been thinking bout my career the whole day. Have to make up my mind. SOON! Gotta keep myself occupied cause I'm freaking free now adays. Thinking of back to yoga class. hmmmm How bout pole dance??? hmmmmmm

I need to get back my daily diet, normal diet ofcourse. I lose total 3 kgs in 2 weeks. I KNOW, but I can't finish my food. Vitamins and supplements doesn't work for me at the moment. UUrrgghhh What happened to my appetite? I used to eat like there's no tomorrow but not now. *sigh*

Well, I just finished watching Wrong Turn 3 and I love it, still the best one!! Even tho is very disgusting and some part you may feel nausea but its interesting. hehehehe I'm not mad, I just love horror movies. Can't wait for Jennifer's Body.

I want to go for another photoshoot. It's really fun and I'm started to loving it. Anyone who need model for their shoot, contact me anytime. I may be not professional but I'm willing to learn, so teach me! *smile*

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Back to old school

Currently I'm in love with old school's song. Such as, CocoLee, Timmy Thomas, N'sync, S Club 7, Britney Spears etc etc. I know its kinda OLD but the lyrics are meaningful and I'm happy when I listening to it. Lame? I knowwww

I noted down some of the lyrics....

Coco Lee - Before I Fall In Love

My heart says we got something real

Can I trust the way I feel?

Cause my heart been fooled before

Am I just seeing what I want to see?

Or is it true? Could you really be?

Someone to have and hold

With all my heart and soul

I need to know, Before I fall in ♥

Someone who stay around, thru all my ups and downs

Please tell me now, Before I fall in ♥ *smile*


Well, my mum bought me a new closet for my extra cloths and bags. She knows I love shopping, she bought it for me to occupied my things. How sweet. *smile*

Planned to for boutiques hunting with my friend, Cactus @ Yan on my off day. Meet up with Michellebabe for lunch at Starbucks. Is my 3rd time in Ipoh. HAHAHAHA I know rightttt I prefer CoffeeBean cause they hace my fav caesar salad but nevermind.

I'm not a coffee lover, I'll get dizzy and nausea. Weird righttt?? I know *bleuks*

My lunchie, chicken pie and brambleberry juice ( apple + marionberry )

Michellebabe the one always smile and laugh for NOTHING. hahahaha

Cactus @ Yan, the one always look good

Queen, that's me! HAHAHAHAHA LAME

While busy chatting and laughing, suddenly tsunami hit us. HAHAHAA the wind was freaking strong and messed our hair. LOL You know what happened next?? HEAVY RAIN! Great! Boutiques hunting canceled cause we don't want to get wet. =_=

After 3hrs of gg, we headed to Jusco to get some stuff and dinner. Ipoh guys are really hopeless. HAHAHAHAHA no offence but seriously, not even ONE! aarrrgghhhh Not all, SOME.

Camwhoring inside fitting room

My tummy was calling for help, so we headed to Johnny's steamboat. I love hot and spicy food especially boiling ones LOL

Isn't it yummy???? hehehehe

After dinner, went to Barroom to have gin tonic and couple of beers. That's it, my off day with full of activities. But still not much new ITEMs for my now closet. hehehe Next week then, oh yea, I wanna do something with my hair... hmmmm

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Instead of clubbing on Friday night, Joanna Gough planned to have late night photoshoot. It was my very first time, well, never try never know.

Was camera shy at first but then I pop out with some pose and ofcourse with Jo's help. :)

Oh yea, I got a lesbian bf that night, Cactus, one of my long lost girlfriend. hehehehe

The theme is black, white and red.

I was afraid of heights, but yeaaaa I can deal with it!

Love this one...

Just to let you know, I'm too good for you - Joanna Gough

Having fun with my lesbo bf

I heart you no matter what.

She's my scandal at the moment

Wanna get kinky??? naahhh You're not my type, sorry *smile*

Definitely there's more coming up soon. Can't wait for the next shoot!!! ♥

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm back! ♥

Been gone too long, but I'm back now. Apologies to the faithful followers of my blog! ^^


I've been in beautiful fantasy slumber where things seemed all so real, but not anymore now...

Emotional infliction definitely hurt more than what a physical one could.

It affects not only the mental well-being but the physical aspects too.

Things are not as bad as it seems.

Memories will forever be etched in the depth of my mind....

Life may have its ups and downs, but choices lie in our hand.

Decisions are thought through, either briefly or thoroughly, before committing to it.

However when a decision has been put into action, there is no turning back.

Miracle will happen any day as The Lord have his designs in our life.

Everything that has happened has shed new light on me, the same old me :)

I am finally back on my own two feet.

Friday, October 9, 2009

OFF DAY w/ failure activities

Mentioned about petting zoo on the previous post.

Went to my beloved-daddy's stall for breakie with Jackie. Jackie had the yummylicious curry me while I had my most time fav lam mee.

My beloved-daddy' stall, isn't he cute?? Yea, I know, we both look alike. :D
Location : Ipoh Garden South, Restaurant New Weng Fatt

On the way to Sunway Ipoh petting zoo

Sadly to say that the petting zoo is included in the water park. They don't have tickets for the petting zoo ONLY. We both don't wanna get wet and tanned at the same time, so we headed to JJ for movie.

Disappointed face! :(

Jackie xx Queen

Sadly to say AGAIN, there's no movie for us at that time.


Window shopping awhile and headed to Oldtown for lunch and heart-to-heart session.

That's it, off day with failure activities. Hopefully next week off day will be better one.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

First of all, Happy Mid Autumn Festival aka Happy Mooncake Festival!

Had only ONE slice of mooncake this year cause it's fattening. hahaha Don't really fancy about it, but my beloved-daddy can finished the whole thing by himself. I KNOW!

Well, Jackie and I planned to play lanterns aka tanglung and candles on that day but we can't make it due to the weather. So, we changed to the next day.

See... I'm such a kiddo!

Love it when the lanterns are light up. Isn't it beautiful??

Cheron came and join us * Jackie xx Cheron xx Queen *

While busy hanging the lanterns on my mum's money tree, suddenly I found this cute lil bird. Oh my god, it looks like a fake bird till after this shoot, it flew away, scared the hell out of me.

Nice one!

Night ends with laughter and joy. Planned to go Sunway Petting Zoo for the next day! And guess what happened?? Stay tune!