Saturday, May 30, 2009


Another apologized to everyone. Something I better left unsaid. I just blew it off!!


Came back from outing with Ailing and her Teddy @ Friend's Cafe, as usual, my smoked salmon caesar salad for dinner. We had so much heart-to-heart talk about life. Hmmm...time to move on, I guess. Good luck, girl.

Talked bout Teddy, he's sooooooo adorable. I feel like squeeeeeze him into a cotton ball! hahahaha He's so intelligent, can do lots of tricks, hand hand, thank you, jump, sit, stay, etc. Reminds me of my own Teddy!

Can't believe he so hyper with FOOD! hahaha When my caesar salad is served, he keep on looking at the salad and give me a very pity and watery eyes, is like, ' I want some, plssss *blinkblink* '. hahahaha..... But Ailing not allow him to eat outside food. Only dog's food allow! hahaha....

Teddy dislike camwhore when he get older. LOL but stillllll looked adorable, right?
Teddy few months old. UURRRGGGHHH!!!! pls don't look at me like this, my heart will melt! lol

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Been mood off since yesterday and I don't know why. Frustrated!

First of all I wanna say sorry to dum dum cause throwing my temper without any reason and second, thank you for being patient.

The first thing on my mind was booooze! So I messaged Cheron to be my company. She supposed to karaoke sessions with her lover but end up be my company, without any complaining. Thank you so much girl. Love u lots.

Sukie cant make it cause some incidents happened around our housing area. No worries girl, love u still.

Had couple of booze @ Barroom, Heineken ofcourse. =)

Ugghhhh!! I noticed some people are very annoying. I have my choice for not answering your questions. So screw you, whatever your name is. I just wanna chill with my girl. Thank you.

The songs for the night are so nice that actually you can relax but not dancing. Thanks to the dj.

Cheron x Queen


And something I wanna shout out, I MISS U LOVER! =(

When will you come back to me? Thanks for everything babe, advises, cheer me up when I'm down, hug me when I cried and soo sooooo much more!

Can't wait for the next outing with you. Do take care of yourself out there and all the best in your job and and and MISS ME MORE!! heeeeeheeeeehehee

My lover ♥ Amanda ♥

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Look at the picture reminds me of the good old days. No stress at all. But we all so much grown up now. Some studying / working at oversea, some still at the hometown... I still remember their names okay, SOME la.... HAHAHAHA.... Hmmm... Guess which one is ME? hahahaha....

No clue?? hmmmm...I'm the short hair one. GO FIGURE!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


HANG OVER the whole day. No appetite at all, even tho caesar salad in front of me. urrggghh, I hate alcohol! hahaha So, I told myself tonight will be no alcohol at all.

Went to Barbeza to have late night dinner with Cheron and Sukie. Had Italian Job pizza with extra tobasco sauce. YUMMMM!! Oh yea, with sky juice! lol... Queenie at the bar drinking sky juice?? No kidding man!

Hearttalk with the babes. And I realized, I'm really enjoying my single life compare to others. But I'm not available at the moment! hahaha I love my teddy!! miss the pup! Must be so grown after 8 months. hmmmm Where are you Teddy? Hand Hand....... =(

This pix took by Cheron babe, saying I looked cute in this outfit. LOL

Waiting for facial mask, 10 more minutes to go. Off to bed. Nighty world!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bar Hopping

Too much mixed of alcohol = OUT! hahahaha Black Label, Kilkenny, Heineken, Stout and Tequila shots. Luckily I still can wake up and I'm at work now!! gaaahhhhhh

Had too much fun with the gang, bar hopping. From Barroom to Houz to Krave. Totally forgot bout pixie! lol

Okay guys, gotta get back to work. CHAOO~~

Friday, May 22, 2009

another outing

Another random outing with Cheron and Michellebabe @ Friend's Cafe. Non-stop laughing and gossip-ing about everything all night long. Played some stupid card's game and end up saying vulgar!! hahaha As usual, can't resist the caesar salad. I ate at home earlier, but I just can't stop thinking bout the smoked salmon when I'm there! Told ya, I'm a eating machine! =)

Cheron told me one theory bout something and its really meaningful. Some people just can't stop bubbling about other peoples. Well, I guess this is what we called it gossip-ing!! hahahaaha

Headed home earlier cause all of us have to work tomorrow. Love u gurlss

Michelle & Queen ♥♥♥

Monday, May 18, 2009

CITRUS = yummmm!!

Last minute dinner with Sukie and Cheron @ Citrus, very near my house, within 5 mins.

Don't really wanna join them at first, but Cheron said they serve yummylicious caesar salad and the juicy hot choc moist! Can't resist when I heard caesar salad. LOL

Queen x Grill Salmon with creamy sauce

Caesar Salad with Smoked Salmon bits. Reminds me of DOME!

Sukie's Mixed Seafood x I love the musselsssss

Cheron's Agli Olio Pasta x The scallops looks yummy, but I just not into it. LOL

DESERTS!!! yummm Hot Choc Cake x hot choco larva + fruits + jam + ice creams


That's it for the night, off to bed soon. Gotta meet up with Jackie tomorrow noon. See ya! ♥

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Barroom w/o JACKIE!!!

An awesome outing with the gurls BUT Jackie is not with us AGAIN! DISAPPOINTED man! Kinda excited at first when Sukie told that Jackie will joining us that night. But too bad, stupid PMS. So yea, we shall meet on monday, that's my OFF-DAY!! weeeeeee~

As usual Barroom is fulled of people and its kinda annoying when people walking around and ter-touch you. UUrrrgghhh, that's the thing I don't like about Barroom and it's freaking hot!

Had Heineken and some vodka oranges, if I'm not mistaken. Dance all night long with go-with-the-flow rnb song. I LOVE COOKIE JAR hahahahaha

The very 1st time Sukie will agree that she looked good!! =) Oh that means, I can upload it!! LOL

Cheron gurl and her super long lashes!! *devil'seyes*

Don't like it? Too bad!! =)

Taken while waiting for long Q washroom!! and those un-edu girls really doesn't know the meaning of Q-up!! Well, that's why they un-edu. LOL

This is the last picture of the night and we kind of frustrated cause we cant actually cam-whore due to those people walking and pushing around! -___-"


My caesar salad's bug is biting me!! hehehehehe Shall we?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

out bonding with babes

Out bonding with my girls, Cheron and Sukie. OK, not only girls laa, but the bfs and a cool guy named Marshall back from UK. Jackie supposed to join us, but daddy not allow.No worries, we might meet up anytime soon this weekend. =)

Since my beloved-mum never cook, so yea, CAESAR SALAD!! hehehe.... Can't believe the whole day I had two caesar salad as my meals. Can't help it, I LOVE caesar salad!! yummmm

FULL-TIME-LOVER = Smoked Salmon Caesar Salad

Marshall the cool tattoo guy!! He got tattoos all over his body, legs and HEAD!! =0

As usual Sukie will not cam whore with us. She will end up complaining that she looked pale, bla bla bla....hahahaha....

Oh yea, forget to mention, I'm full of germssss!! hehehee....Off to bed soon to fight with Mr.Flu.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

bad flu!!

HHAAAA CHHIIUU!!!! Non-stop sneezing, feel like my nose gonna drop off anytime soon. uurrrgghh!!! I hate flu. The medicine make you sleepy, after much of sneezed, nose will dehydrated and skin started to peel-off. Don't come near me cos I'm full of germs! hahaha... scared?? 

I want orange and caesar salad for my lunch! My throat is sooo dry, body heaty I guess. Wanna see my very own "wantan" ???

eewwwwww!!! hahahahaa..... 

Can noticed?? My red sneezy nose!!  -___-"


Last week's updates.
Happy Mother's Day to every momma in the world. I love u, MUM!! =)

No no no!! She's not my mum! Don't worry! lol... Raja, study hard ya!! =)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I'm back!!!

First of all, SORRY been MIA for quite sometime. SHITS all around, mood off!! fyi, not the real shit, but drama. HAHAHA...but all over now =)


And I have to shout, SNEHA IS MAD!!!!!! SERIOUSLY MAD!!!!! lol Oh god....she's crazy but she can be so sweet at sometimes. HAHAHAHA... sorry to say that I'm mood off, tired of working and lack of sleep.


So, yeaa... Let me introduce my nurrsiiee to you all.....Amanda Choong JyeYi

She came back for holiday and ofcourse she missssssed me!! hahahahaha.... Can't believe she and her mum said my voice sounds like 8-10 years old kiddiee!! MY MY MY MY!!!

Went out for lunch at JJ's Coffee Bean, Caesar Salad + chicken + more cheese + more dressing = YUMMMMMMM!!!!!! Non-stop gossiping, ups and downs, laughing like a mad woman, so no one dare to come to us!!

And suddenly I was like, "SHIT!!! We forgot to take picture.!!" so yea, snap snap snap

Jyi & Myee

Oh pleaseee...I'm shy okay!!! Don't take picture when I'm driving ^^

HAHAHAHAA....lick ***** sign hurrr???? LOL

* Before *

* After *

Went to buy some co called, bloodworm for my fighting fish BUT I bought the wrong, stupid, huge EARTHWORMS!!! eeeeyyyeerrr!!! Gave it to someone for fishing! No need to thank me.... I just can't stand the wormiie thinggy!! -____-