Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Talking bout Penang, you wont believe if I tell you that I never been to Penang before. LOL SERIOUS okay!

Every time planned to go Penang end up car broke down in the middle of highway. TWICE! 1st, my dad's car, 2nd, my ex's car. GREAT!

This time is a successful plan! WHHEEEE! Thanks to our driver, Eddy! SAGA roxxxx! =)

Not much activity, yet we had so much fun!

Penang food is da bomb! Love the fried oysters!

Preeta x Queen
Eddy - 1st pose of the day!

GOSH!! I miss this JETSKI. hahahaha..... you-go-Eddy! Scared the hell out of me at 1st, but had fun afterall! =D
Queen x Eddy

Guys - Eddy x Syafiq x Colin x Matthew
Gals - Preeta x Queen x Smita

1...2......3......... JUMP!!! *perfect* =)

Groupie pix of the day!

Baby crab on the beach, Matthew catch it! LOL

Windy okay! Eddy x Syafiq x Colin

Thanks to Syafiq! =)

Gangsta looking! Dun play-play!

Last picture of the day. Heading back to IPOH!

My Lover

Lover back for holiday with her friends, Elly, Samantha and Naha.

Bar hopping again. Went for grilled sting-ray, squids and satay. YUM! Everyone satisfied!

Great company!

Elly x Naha x Samantha x Queen x LOVER

Queen x Amanda @ Lover =)

Nice people! Groupie pix of the night! love it!


The next day went out for LOK LOK sessions with lover and we got FREE grilled sting-ray! hahahaha.... the hawker said he's birthday. Thanks =)

Thanks for the flower and good advise my Lover! Come back to me soon k? mwahh XX

RIP Michael Jackson 1958 - 2009

Even tho you're no longer with us, but THE KING OF POP is always in our heart. Your song is so awesome and meaningful. LOVE IT!

You're the legend, history and KING OF POP!

" No one should have to suffer, ESPECIALLY our children "

" Heal the world, make it a better place, For you and for me and the entire human race, There are people dying, If you care enough for the living, Make it better place for you and me "

" If you wanna make the world a better place, Take a look at yourself and then make a change "

Once again Rest In Peace Michael Jackson The King Of Pop. ♥

Monday, June 22, 2009


Body soooo weak due to lack of sleep and h20. Mr. Cough and Ms. Flu came visit me. Medicine killing me and I'm stoned! HAHAHAHA

Tomorrow's my off day gonna sleep my arse off like nobody business, but of course we still got plan for tomorrow. *smile*

Just woke up not long ago after a whole tiring working day. And I'm hungry now. Anyone out-there free to fetch me for supper?? I know who! Ring him up in a while. I know eating at this hour is unhealthy but I can manage it, I think! HAHAHAHA High metabolism, no worries!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Last 2 FRIDAY!

First of all, congratz to Sneha, she just got application for the uni at aussie, leaving in 2 weeks time ( that's why I mentioned last 2 Friday ) No more mad Sneha around me. Sad right?? Anyway, I'm happy for you at the same time! =)


Tiring day since I'm working the whole day. Went home for dinner and nap for a while before we headed to bar. Feel fresh after a nice shower. Love the sense of L'occitane shower gel, Rose. mmmm mmmmmmmm LOVE IT!

Camwhoring while waiting for someone to get ready. SAW my skin??? results of lack of sleep and h2o!! -___-" gonna gulp down 2-4 litres water!

Everyone is ready set GO! Went to Barroom at 1st, but is tooooo packed as usual, so we switch to Krave for few buckets and return to Barroom for Kilkenny. What a night!

Eddy & Queen @ Krave

Isn't he smart ?? I KNOW!! lol =)

Went home, while the rest 2nd round for ****land! hehehehe

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Emotional mood since Sunday! Oh, I hate PMS! luckily someone is patient enough. LOL

Went to Cameron Highland for one day trip on Monday with the gang. Wait, only 4 hours trip actually. hahahaha Just for the cold weather and fresh air since now everywhere having air-pollution. Drink more water peeps!

After Cameron, we planned to go Barroom for a drink. As usual, the place is full of people. -__-"

The picture is over edited cause the flash was too strong for my skin tone! LOL


Krave sessions with Ailing and her gang the other day. Thanks for the treat =) but no flaming drinks for me please, I don't like the milk tatse! LOL

Friday, June 12, 2009

randomness day ever

He's back! *smile*

Day was normal as usual, work, lunch, home, dinner. But I wanted to say sorry to *someone* that being rude yesterday night for that hour. I just blew it off, sorry dear.

Went to Barroom with the gang cause there's a BlingBling Party. And the very first time I drank tequila with orange! wth, lemon finished? GOOD! It was an awesome night after all. =)

Eddy x Queen
Syafiq x Colin x Eddy's back LOL random picture of them

Vino x Queen

Raja x Queen


I took this just now @ Oldtown Kopitiam. I just love my new sexybaby Canon IXUS 100!! Nice function, price are reasonable and of course good qualities of picture.

With pets&kids function!! hehehe.....

Monday, June 8, 2009


Teddy begging for more biscuit!

Late updates

xx Friday xx

Meeting up with Karen and Calvin was a failure due to some reasons and its okay, there's always next time.

Met up with Vino and the gang, and the very 1st time I met SNUGGLE! Oh, she's a sleepyhead! Mini told me, one of her legs are broken. OMG! I hope she's joking. lol

Headed to Krave later on and guess what? I only drank 1 bottle of heineken and half glass of black label! What a night!

Say hie to Snuggle!

Mini x Smita x Queen <>

The girls gone wild !! sexayyyy

Smita <>


xx Saturday xx

Ruby and Theresa was back in town and we planned get-together @ Barroom. An awesome night with Tequila Pop and Shots! Moved our hips all night long and I got bodyache the next day! GOOD!

Jessica x Sukie x Queen x Ruby <> LOL

Theresa x Queen x Ruby


xx TODAY xx

Since SakaiBelle can't make it for the get-together, so we had breakfast early morning @ our fav's Hakka Mee. Talked BOMBS about everything. Heart uuuu.... Remember that I'll always be there when you need me. This I promise you!

Had dinner @ Olivens with Ailing and Teddy. Glad that she's happy after letting go such a BIG bag packed and she's moving to kl soooon. I'm gonna miss both of you. =(

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

WAN TAN sessions w/ SAKAI!

Went out with my SakaiMui that day to Oldtown for some heart-to-heart talk. I know it's hard for both of you, but no worries, I'm here for you!

I can't watch people sobbing and I'll end up sobbing with them! Useless right? Suppose to cheer people up, but........ sorry, I'm a warm-blooded creature okay! lolol

Went to stadium to had our yummy-licious wan tan mee!! mmmm hmmmm!! I had 3 bowls of wan tan! Now, talking bout fats! Sakai not bad also kay, she had wan tan mee with extra wan tan. hehehehe.... Good to see that she can actually eat in a proper way. Been worried bout her since last 2 weeks.

Three bowls of THIS!!! beerkkss!!!

Our sister-love picture for sure ♥
Miss those days we had in kayelle, and I always here for you when you need me. *crossingfingers*
No doubt!

Good Old Times!!!

Today kinda busy with paper work, since is the beginning of the month. Gotta finish up the sales and stuff. But when I sign-in FB after lunch, this picture made my day! hahaha Was uploaded by my ex-primary-classmate, Farah Ezura.

Standard 4 picture! OMG!! Was laughing and commenting on it. goshh... Can't believe that we all so much grown now. Looking at the picture, remind me of good old times.

FOUND where's Queenie Toh Mei Yee?? lolol

6 years old TinyTods picture!! CUTE right?? hahaha...see my cheeks! soooo chubby!!

Went shopping a lil with Sukie and meet up with AiLing @ Olivenz, and ofcourse Teddy!! hehehe He behaved soooooo good tonight. Keep on doing the thank you thinggy just for the dog's biscuit! hahaha

Off to bed soon! Last but not least, miss YOU!!!