Monday, July 27, 2009


Been wearing long sleeved for about 2 weeks just to hide my huge wounds on my elbow. Day by day, the wounds getting better and the skin started to peel off in good terms.

Thanks to all my friends who are so concern and care bout my condition. I'm so much better now. =)

The thing is, I'm getting thinner and thinner. -___-" Taking vitamins E and C for better skin. Started to have up to 3 meals per day. To get back in shape.

Notice any different?? hmmm.... Not until everyone told me that I'm getting thinner! I want some FATS NOW! I mean it!
My new pinkish skin!! ^__^ getting better by each day



Went to snow beer @ town to have some satay, steamed octopus, butter prawn and 2 jumbo orange juice DOUBLE! I know I'm blessed! hahahaaha....satisfied!

I'm not a satay lover but I couldn't resist this one. mmmmhmmmm with extra onions. opss

Dumdum's full-time favourite! and me toooo.... Steamed octopus with some alcohol taste. =P~


Tomorrow!!! I need to renew my driving licence and identity card. gosshhh...have to wake up early.... and spend more money! GREAT!!

Night world

Sunday, July 19, 2009

resting at home

Resting at home and looking at the wounds, heartache. No words can describe my feelings now. All I hope is, get well soon and no scars.

Yesterday I dreamt about the whole incident, woke up sweating and sobbing. Feel so unsafe. I wish YOU were here with me now.....

Wound dries up and getting better but still in pain. This is the most worst part. Doctor said 50% got scars. *sobsob*
Praying that no scars behind...... -____-

Friday, July 17, 2009


Got snatched early afternoon, after went bank in money for salon sales @ Ipoh Garden. These snatchers are real good in snatching.

I was walking to my car after bought lunch from Wolley Food Court, suddenly someone from behind touch my shoulder, I turned back to see who, that's the time he snatched my bag and dragged me about 5-10 secs on the road because I couldn't let go my bag, stuck at my elbow.

I was fainted about 3 secs cause of panicked. And this kind uncle helped me to balance my body and bring me to his shop to calm me down, cleanse my wounds and called my parents. God Bless this Uncle. Thank you so much!

Went to clinic for injection and made police report... Luckily those snatcher didnt stab me with knife. Lost ALL my belongings, especially my LV purse *sobsob*, except handphones. Nevermind, I'm very sure GOD will punish them in no time! At the same time, I'll curse YOU *mo+h3rfu(k3r*

These are some of my BIGGAASSSS wounds.....Still got alot of small scratches around fingers, toes, legs..... Hopefully no scars!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm H-U-N-G-R-Y

Okay, I know is a bit lame, but I'm HUNGRY! All kinds of food stuck in my mind now. Nandos, caesar salad, lamb cut, pepperoni's pizza, cheese baked mussels, pasta, choc mud cake, bubble tea, steamboat and MANY MORE......!!!! -____-


MegaSales here I come! Gonna hit to KL tomorrow for training and of course SPLURGGGGEEEE!!! L'occitane, my body care[s] finished, just in time for me to in-stock. OOhh...too much to splurge, list baby list! Trust me, I'm gonna whack all the food in KL as well!

Okay, enough of nonsense, now go get some food for lunch! ^^