Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Feel the L♥ve

Bridal shop hopping with my Cheron due to some reason *evil eyes* My very first time step in bridal shop and trying on wedding gowns. The minute you walked in, automatically you'll feel the love, warm and happiness around you. Looking at people's wedding pictures, you can feel their love as well. Imagination start wondering in your mind. How nice if this and that.

To be honest, that minute I was like, gosshhh I wanna get married too *imagining*

There's a picture that caught my eyes. The bride was sitting on a horse and the bridegroom standing next to the horse at beach side. Its black and white, the picture was so beautiful till I can even smile at myself. *thinking*

Next, you walked in the gown's room. OMGOSHHH the room fulled with thousands of gowns. Day, night, oriental, you named it, they got it.

You guys know what's my type? Oriental, of course.


The 1st cheongsam was traditional yet sexy. Love the combination of the colours and also the details of the back.

Front *lovely*

Back * all by handmade *

The 2nd cheongsam was ooh la la. Fit me so well, that I didn't wanna take it off.

Back *sexy*

Front * classy *

The 3rd cheongsam, this one very comfortable and suits my skin tone. Can show all my curves. Love the big ribbon on my shoulder.

Picture tells all.

The 4th gown, combination of oriental and modern. Not really my type, but oh well, I just love to try on.

How was it??

Still got lots more. Will bridal hopping again this weekend. hehehehe

I'm here to say that I'm not getting married, don't misunderstand ya!!

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ainee cumi2 said...

cehh hamsup! i will never trust u again if u spread about ur wedding in FB..ahahahhah!